Date: 6/09/2021

AO: Local Honey

A familiar “Q” situation for me in downtown Greensboro. I arrived with some PAX members completing an EC run. “Great work men!” The idea for this BEATDOWN was a full-body workout with some cardio. I wanted to continue with the acronym theme as I started last week @ Slammin’ Sammy’s Smackdown; check the backblast – posted last night, lol!  This time I wanted to focus on the PAX having quality time to workout and commemorate the experience. I designed the workout to “not end” with the last exercise, thus if done correctly & as instructed you will never see what or how to do a YURPEE.

At approximately, 5:30 AM I rallied the PAX for the F3 Intro.  I proclaim the mission, disclaimer, and the fact I was NOT a professional.

WARM-O-RAMA: We did a Mosey to the S.Elm Street new parking deck. I like echos so that’s the reasoning for the location. Stride-Straddle Hops (20x IC), Shanooks (15x IC plus reverse), Hug-thy-self (15xIC), Arm stretch behind the head (x5 holding for 3 count), Merkins (x20), Plank jacks (x15), and 1 Inch Worm to get up.  “Everyone stretched out!”

Mosey back to the shovel flag where “The Thing” will transpire!

The Thing: I created 4 Stations with assorted exercises identified with winkies at four street corners. Each station had the same set of exercises wrote out using the acronym LOCAL HONEY representing AO: Local Honey – EXERCISES: Lunges, Outlaw, Copperhead Squats, Alternate Crab Cakes, LBC’s, Hillbilly Squats, Outlaw, Nolan Ryan’s, E2K, and Yurpees. The “Q” had members count off 1 to 4 and go to the destined number stations then partner up. The exercises were AMRAP as the partner runs to the end of the street (opposite from ) to do 2 Merkins and come back to relieve his partner. After both did 1st exercise then they would move to the next station and start from the top adding one exercise ONLY. IE: Both do Lunges, both run end of street 2x Merkins, move to next Station start from the top with Lunges, both run end of street 2x Merkins, do Outlaw, both run end of street 2x Merkins, then move to the next station starting from the top with Lunges adding the third exercise and so on.  The beatdown will need to be ended by the “Q” due to the time. After OMAHA, the Q called for all PAX to form a circle of fire. The question was asked: “What AO was represented in this BEATDOWN?” All replied Local Honey and we did Merkins x5 on the “Q” then two rounds of the circle of fire. Q asked “Root” for a 10 count to recuperate for Mary.

MARY: Freddy Mercury x20 and ended with American Hammers x20.

COT:(Circle of Trust)

Name-o-Rama: Fannie, Graffiti(RESPECT!), Akron, EyeRoll, Nomex, FNG Mike Smith now Audio Adrenaline, Norwood, Don’t Cha Know (RESPECT!), Radiator (RESPECT), Drysdale (RESPECT!), Ozone, Root, Huggies, John Coctostan, Maher, Saban, Etch-A-Sketch (RESPECT) and FloJo “Q”. 

Announcements/Prayer lead by FloJo 

We came, we worked, we conquered! All got better! It was my pleasure to lead!

FloJo “Salute”