Date: 6/02/2021

AO: Slammin’ Sammy’s Smackdown 

My 1st “Q” at Slammin Sammy’s Smackdown (officially) and I wanted to give a good SMACK. I gained some inspiration from another BEATDOWN referencing the location name within an acronym of exercises, thanks to #NomexSMITHGrinder.  A Salute to Nancy and Pacer (RESPECT!) for the EC @ 5:00 AM.

At approximately, 5:30 AM I rallied the PAX for the F3 Intro.  I proclaim the mission and disclaimer plus the fact I was NOT a professional.

WARM-O-RAMA: We did a Mosey to the next parking lot: Stride-Straddle Hops (12x IC), Sun-Gods (12x IC), Arm Cherry Pickers? (12x IC ), Windmills (3x IC holding), Hug-thy-self (12xIC),  “Everyone stretched out!”

Mosey back to the shovel flag where “The Thing” will transpire on the basketball court!

The Thing: There were four corners of assorted exercises -identified with winkies and the fifth winky in the middle of the court near the boombox; want the playlist (tweet@F3FloJo1). PAX were asked to count off 1 through 4. At least two men per station. Station #1 had reps of x10 – acronym NHUMP representing AO: Natty’s Hump – EXERCISES: Nolan Ryan’s, Hand Release Merkins, U can rest count of 10, Moutain Climbers, and Plank Jacks. Station #2 had reps of x15 – acronym IJLUNCH representing AO: It’s Just Lunch – EXERCISES: Imperial Walkers, Jump Squats, Lunges, U can rest count of 15, Nolan Ryan’s, Copperhead Squats, and Heels to Heaven.  Station #3 had reps of x15 -acronym DSTAR representing AO: DeathStar – EXERCISES: Dry docks, Shoulder Taps, Tie Fighters, Alternate Crab Cakes, and Ranger Merkins. Station #4 had reps of x20 – acronym LHONEY representing AO: Local Honey – EXERCISES: LBC’s, Homer and Marge, Outlaw, Nolan Ryan’s, E2K, and Yurpees. Station #5 had reps of x25 – acronym SSSMACK representing AO: Slammin’ Sammy’s Smackdown – EXERCISES: Side Straddle Hops, Squats, Squated Air Lifts, Monkey Humpers, Air Drama, Copperhead Squats, and Kraken Burpees. PAX did the reps and advanced to the next station until OMAHA from the “Q”. After OMAHA, the Q called for all PAX to form a circle of fire. The question was asked: “What AO’s were represented in this BEATDOWN?” (All the Wednesday morning BEATDOWNs) If all were not named “Q” called for Merkins in the count of 5. After about 2 sets of Merkins, all the AO’s were named and the “Q” completed with a circle of fire ending at a 12 count.

MARY: Q called body destroyer for a slow 10 count followed by American Hammers x20.

COT:(Circle of Trust)

Name-o-Rama: Don’t Cha Know (RESPECT!), Akron, Amphibious, Big Sky, Mall Cop, City Slicker (RESPECT!), Pacer (RESPECT!), StickUp – visiting PAX member from Louisville, Nancy, Houlahan, Bushwood, and FloJo “Q”. 

Announcements/Prayer lead by Big Sky 

We came, we worked, we conquered! All got better! It was my pleasure to lead!

FloJo “Salute”