Friday June 4, 2021


AO: Good News

QIC : Spackler


Pax : Spackler (R) & Snooki (R)


This was my 2nd post @ Good News.. I enjoyed the first beatdown I received here put out by Bushwood. Anytime i get the opportunity to Q it’s an honor..


WAR :SSH, Hillbilly, Windmill, String Rippers, Sun Gods

Brought some heavy logs from a recent tree job that I completed. In fact Snooki worked on that job with me. We grabbed 2 of the medium weight logs, hoisted them on our shoulders. ( I believe we each had a log 25-30 lbs.). Proceeded to cross Cone Blvd. to Church where we got to work.



Burpees – 5

Lunges – 10/leg

Imperial Walkers – 15

merkins – 20

Plank Jacks – 25

Squats – 30


Next : Ladder (11’s)

WWI Situps & Squats


Main Thang

2 man Grinder



american hammer



honor to Lead