Red Rider and Jitterbug joined YHC (Stickshift) at 6:30 for my EC coffee ruck

at 7am we were joined by Flamingo, Bobby Knight , Foot Fairy, we moseyed to back of school and then were joined by Polo and then Hoosier….

warmarama dip style

20 ssh 15 dips

string rippers 15 ic 15 dips

Sober Sun Gods 15ic front and back 15 dips

10ic copperhead squats 15 dips

plank to right and left plank 1 min 15 dips


we moseyed to the football pitch to start the World Cup

Nigeria- Red Rider and Polo

India- Flamingo and Foot Fairy

Luxembourg – Jitterbug and Hoosier

Italy- Bobby Knight and Stickshift

Format 4 min game

other athletes while game is going

1 min Plank

2 min WW2

1 min break

when each game was over we did as a group

4, 1 min tabata

Mike Tyson, Lt Dan , Air Press , Angle grinder merkin

Everyone played 3 games and did 2 rounds of exercise the final game we all played  Luxembourg/Italy vs India/Nigeria finished in a 1-1 tie with Flamingo scoring in injury time . It was a fun way to get our Cardio.  Props to Red Rider for his 2nd time out. Prayer to Polo’s friend and mentor who passed at 53 with a heart attack.  Be thankful for our group of HIMs that push us to workout.

Bobby Knight took us out …

Peace,  SYITG !