AO: Closing Time

Date: June 3, 2021

PAX: Apollo, Viagra (R), Wookie, Tommy Boy, Snow White (R), Out of Service (R), Creekside, Slide Rule (R), Flat Rate (R), Mudflap (R), Socrates, Yooper, Gridlock (R), King, Gunny, Schnitzel (R), Michelin Man, Eggplant (R).

QIC: Eggplant

18 pax assembled.  YHC delivered the mission and disclaimer.  Then mosey to the church parking lot for:


  • SSH 20 IC
  • Abe Vigodas  15 IC
  • String Rippers 15 IC
  • Cobra Squats 10 IC

The mumble-chatter broke my concentration, so we moseyed to the Rec Center for:


3 work stations were set up and the pax was divided in to 4 groups.  Three groups did the exercises rince and repeat until relieved.  Group 4 started at station 1 and ran to station 2 to relieve group 2, who ran to relieve station 3, etc…  The stations were:

Station 1

  1. 20 Squats
  2. 20 Carolina Dry Dock
  3. 20 Mtn Climber IC

Station 2

  1. 20 Sterkins
  2. 20 Step-ups (10 per leg)
  3. 20 Dips

Station 3

  1. 20 Merkins
  2. 20 Star Squats
  3. 20 Monkey Humper IC

After 3 rounds, Omaha was called and we moseyed to the baseball field for:


Apollo led the pax to do Jackholes.  1 merkin and 4 airpresses, 2 merkins and 8 airpresses up to 5 and 20, then back down again.  Always a crowd-pleaser and much gratitude was expressed.

After completion, we had some extra time, so we headed to the rec center patio for:


The pax was divided into 2-man teams.  Round 1 was wall sits and 20 dips.  Round 2 was balls to the wall and 20 of something on the wall I don’t remember.  Partner 1 would do the stationary exercise while partner 2 would do the counted exercise then flip flop.  Upon completion, the pax moseyed to the shovel flag for:


  • Creekside led 20 WW1 situps
  • Freddy Mercury (Foghat Style) 10 IC
  • Box Cutters 15 IC
  • American Hammer 15 IC

YHC took us out