17 Veteran Pax showed up for a 14 Exercise Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Good to meet Dr Phil! Hope we did you proud. Also, Major Payne, posting @ Shake Weight for the First time!

Started off with a mosey around parking deck. Circling up for warmaramma:

Side Stratle Hops

Sun gods, forward/backward/shanooks

Emperial Walkers


Stream Rippers

The Thing:

14 Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Reps of 8-14 with a Rinse & Repeat for (2) sets

Bench Press

Bicep Curls

Shoulder Press

Bent Over Row

One Arm Swings


Calf Raises

Tricep Kickbacks

Lateral Raises

Lying Down Dumbbell Fly

Glute Bridge

American Hammer

Weighted Sit-up Jack Knives

Tricep Extensions


Low Slow Flutters hold for 6in into

Box Cutters


American Hammer

Be of an Encouragement to everyone you can! The start of June Summer Kickoff Challenge, see YHC for more inhibit yo participate. Thank You Fannie for Heart Felt Worded Prayer!


City Slicker