AO – SonuvaBench

Weather – Consistently spitting and humid

Q – Bobby Knight

PAX – TPS (EC), Red Dragon (EC), All Blacks (EC), Stickshift (EC), Airball (EC), Marvel (2.0/EC), Pitino, Byrider, Foot Fairy, Slumlord, Whirlybird, Weed, Bulldog, ESL, YHC (EC)

My 2.0, Marvel and I arrived early to find TPS already hard at work knocking out a mini-murph. YHC was under the impression we were doing EC Broga, so TPS and I walked back around to join a few other confused ECers. Once Airball arrived, Sticky and RD took on some EC pullups, while TPS, Marvel, AB, AllBlacks and YHC engaged in some Broga.

At 5:30 we rejoined the rest of the PAX and the mission was stated. We mosey around to the back of the school and circled up.


SSH, Abe Vigodas, String Rippers, Sun Gods (sobriety style), Copperhead Squats


The school year wrapped this week, so we wanted to make sure everyone was in good standing to graduate. Just to be safe, we went back to first grade and worked our way to the top…the Billy Madison way.

After partnering up, one person ran a lap around the track, while the other partner executed an exercise AMRAP. Then they flip-flopped, making their way through the grade levels.

1st – Pull-ups

2nd – Prisoner Get-ups

3rd – LBCs

4th – Dips

5th – Rocky Balboas

6th – Scuba Steves

7th – Derkins

8th – Imperial Squat Walkers

9th – Chilcutt Plank

10th – Ranger Merkins

11th – Twinkle Toes

12th – Dying Cockroaches

OMAHA was called after each student completed 6th grade and six laps. Since we still had six grades to go, we needed an equivalency test of sorts. The PAX were challenged to do Escalating Testicles – complete 10 Merkins with feet on the wall at 15 degrees, complete 10 Merkins with feet on the wall at 45 degrees, complete 10 Merkins while in Balls to the Wall. THIS WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA!

Acknowledging this, we headed back to the shovel flag in a skipping Indigenous American Run.


Windshield Wipers, Ring of Fire (PAX held a plank while each person counted to 12 and completed a Merkin indvidually), 12 American Hammers


TPS took us out.