AO : Shake – n – Bake

When : 6/1/21

PAX : Bobby Knight, WOJO, Xerox, The MANEATER, Airball, Slag, Udders, Bodet, TPS,

QIC: Red Dragon


Back at the GDS Track for the first time since the start of COVID.  The last time I was there was when Airball explained to everyone how COVID was a big deal and it will get a lot worse before it will get better.  We will all be impacted and it will be something we will never forget – Well on that day at GDS – I stopped attending F3 and did not start again for a while, on June 1, 2021 it felt really good to be back out there.


Wicked the planned Q was still on the mend and sent a note the night before to make sure I know he would not be there.   I decided to take the reigns and RUN with it.   The Pax Showed Up



Move to the track

2 laps

Stretch – Explain plan – run and talk with whoever.  You set your pace and every time you finish 2 laps, go the other direction.  3 to 4 + miles later Omaha was called and we headed to the Parking lot.

We all stretched out, thanked Kernodle for hosting the running workouts for the past few months and explained how excited we were to be back at GDS.  Challenged the PAX to make sure the others who were regulars at SNB in the past know we are at GDS again.

Thank you for the opportunity.


See you at the track soon.