If you want a dependable, uptempo Q, Mudflap is you HIM.

He will not sugar coat the work out, it’s all business with a PLAN.

You can tell he has a PLAN when you recognize the Q sheet- or maybe it was just the amount of plank jacks?

Nice weather, June 1, 5;45 PM- location- Western Guilford Middle, 401 College Rd, Greensboro, Nc 27410.

Great AO, lots of space, including a large shaded back parking lot that is at least cooler than the soon to be famous RUBBER track.

We got a good thing going at the Plate, many regulars, and lots of FNG’s on a regular basis. Check us out.

We also lose a few pax too, Apollo I will write your letters of introduction to the GLOOM AO’s.

Ratatouille said it was one of his favorite work outs!

PAX: Ratatouille, Minute Man, Damage Control, Sheldon, Mr Hand, Michelin Man, Wind Mill, Short Bus, Expired, Guiding Light, Imelda and Mudflap on the Q.

Short mosey to the circle, usual warm a rama..  In cadence, and one after the other!

Short mosey to the back lot for the Thang.

Pax split into 4 teams, do one exercise, meet in the middle for either LBC’s or Merkins.

UPTEMPO it is, UPTEMPO it was.

Station #1:

  • Merkins 15
  • Copper Hd. Sqts. 15
  • Plank Jacks 15
  • Shoulder taps (15 each )

Station #2:

  • Mountain Climbers 15
  • WW I Sit ups 15
  • Dans 15 ( Lunge , Lunge, Squat)
  • Merkins 15

Station #3:

  • Merkins 15
  • Plank Jacks 15
  • LBC15
  • Pickle Pushers 15

Station #4:

  • Plank Jacks 15
  • Carolina Dry Docks 15
  • Wo Jo Squats 15
  • Merkins 15

One more round and Omaha!  Back to the flag for Mary.

Mudflap took us out, pax commented he may need to change his name to pastor.  Well done.

Guiding Light on deck, followed by windmill.

Thanks for leading!!