Norwood was born over a month premature weighing under 4 pounds 48 years ago today. Today he tips the scale at over twice that weight with about 20% of his total mass consisting of teeth and leg hair.
Little known fact about Norwood; at the age of 5 he was rushed to the hospital with cherry pits stuck in his ears which the doctor dislodged with a shot of compressed air in the left ear, briskly blowing both obstructions out of the right ear. If Norwood looks familiar to you, you may have seen him perform this trick as a frat party novelty to act.


Side Straddle Hops, Mountain Climbers, Merkins followed by an elaborate choreography to the tune of “Money for Nothing” By Dire Straights, which was introduced by Sacked, Snowflake, and Cecil with their angelic vocalizations of “I want my, I want my F3”. Thank you for gracing us with your enchanting arias!

I want my F3 (Money for Nothing)

Intro drums: Run in place
Solo Guitar: Burpees
Yoyos: Sun Gods
Microwave ovens: Imperial Walkers
Solo Guitar: Burpees
Microwave ovens: Sun Gods
Play Guitar: Side Lunges
Microwave ovens: Imperial Walkers
Solo Guitar: Burpees
That Ain’t Workin: Sun Gods


The Thang

3 workout stations were established and after pax counted off in twos they were sent to either station 1 or 3 where they performed 16 reps of 2 exercises before heading off to the next station.

Station 1: Patio in front of Lewis Rec Center

16 Dips
16 Dirkins
Run to next station

16 Step-Ups
16 Calf Raises
Run to next station

16 WWII sit-ups
16 Low Slow Flutters
Run to next station

Station 2: Church Parking Lot

Sprint to second speed bump.

Station 3: Safety Town Parking Lot

16 Pickle pushers
16 Overhead press
Run to next station

16 Curls
16 Shoulder Touches
Run to next station

16 Flock of Seagulls
16 Merkins
Run to next station

Box Cutters, LBCs, American Hammers

Cecil, Fanny Pack, Snowflake, Socrates, Bodette, Eggplant, Viagra, Jingles, Pocahontas, Wojo, Gilligan, Butt Fumble, Silicone, JLove, Xerox, Tammy, Crash, John Coctostan, Snookie, Birds Nest, Sacked, Dizzle,

• Site Q meetings Sat after Wakanda or Monday 7-8pm at Max Speed Shop. Learn about Qing
• Natty’s Hump Needs Qs!
• Second F baseball game meet at Arise AO at 5pm. Get tickets and sign up. Sitting in section 113
• Freed to Lead Study. Friday 6:30pm, at coffeteria parking lot near Super Starbucks. Bring someone.
• Blue Ridge Relay team members needed for High Point/Jamestown team
• Juneteenth Ruck. Sign up. Open to everyone.
• July 23rd to 25th, F3 Hike Trip. Details coming
• June 18 Live Drummer during Uptown Funk on top of parking deck.