F3 Cadet Lab – 0530, 06/01/2021

PAX:  Kaizen, JR, Space X, Situation, Polo, Pitino, Cottontail, Weed, Heisenberg, Spurrier (QIC)

Warm-O-Rama –  Short Mosey Around the Parking Lot

Windmills (x12 IC), Side Straddle Hops (x15 IC), Front Side Straddle Hop (x15 IC), Criss-Cross SSH (x15 IC)

Ankle Touch Squats (x15 IC), Heismans (x12), Chinooks (x 10 normal, 10 rotating, IC)

THANG#1:    YvY Today as you visit the Mystery Pain Bucket

-PAX starts at the Pain Center, enjoying the Tunes on Hand

-Run approximately 100 yards to the Pain Bucket

-Along the way there are 3 speed bumps

  1. A) First Speed Bump = 2 Burpees
  2. B) Second Speed Bump = 3 Big Boy Sit Ups
  3. C) Third Speed Bump = 4 Star Jumps

    Reach into the Pain Bucket, Grab an Exercise (without looking) and Run Back to Pain Center

-No Stops for Speed Bumps on the way back

-Call out Exercise and Perform the work out OYO.

-When completed, return exercise paper to the disposal.  R&R.

Exercises Were As Follows

-Blockies w/  Coupons x 5 (SC)

-Burpees x 15 (SC)

-Jump Rope x 60 (SC)

-Big Boy Sit Ups x 30 (SC)

-Side Straddle Hops x 40 (SC)

-Merkins x 25 (SC).

-Mountain Climbers x 50 (SC)

-360 Degree Jump Squats x 15 (SC)

-Monkey Humpers x 40 (SC)

-Evolution of Man/Turkish Get Ups x 8 (SC)

-Bear Crawl to Cone #2

-Bunny Hop to the Pain Bucket

-Body Destroyer x 10 (SC)

THANG#2:  Football Field Sprints, 2 Heats…60%, 60%, 80%, 100%

Mary:  Homer & Marge (led by Pitino,…of course), Low Slow Flutter x 15, Polo took us out with American Hammer (x10 IC).

Announcements:  JR encouraged all to consider the F3 Camping Trip coming up. Good times!

COT:  Spurrier

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this AM! – Aye, Spurrier