June 1, 2021

These are the voyages of your humble -hopefully-Q-.  Oh boy!  Should’ve spent a bit more time on this one.  We worked out, but it was kinda ugly.  :#!

PAX:  Attending my Q: Houlihan, Baby Bop, Tesla, Slumlord, Go Blue, Jitterbug -Q-.  Splinter Ruckers/runners: Etch a Sketch, Steeley Dan, Trail Mix, Bulldog, Cousin Eddie, Pity the Fool, Buttfumble, Longtime.

Mosey>out of parking lot to the N side of the school around to front, cut through on side walk past the famous bench hazard to the basketball court (cage match area) for:

Warm A Rama

SSH’s 20 IC, Hillbillies: 15 IC, Lucky 7’s, Press Press Flings: 11, Wind Mills w Pump at top 12 IC, Up back and Overs 10

Mosey>down by playground -Murph area- hang a left to St.> left to 2nd left into the other playground area, adjacent to baseball field.

To the baseball field.  It’s baseball season, so….time to return to the diamond.  If I can remember how this works, we’ll run the bases.


BLIMPS at Home Base

1st Base is Flutter Kicks

2nd Base is Carolina Dry Docks

3rd Base is….anyone know of a good exercise that starts with a T…chirp…….chirp….Shoulder Taps!!  🙂

Teams of 2, the 2 at home start w 2 Burpees then run to 1st relieving the Flutter Kick team who runs to 2nd to relieve the Car Dry Dockers, who run to Third for Shoulder Taps, each does 10 IC before moving.

Changed home base to 10 each after 1 or 2 rounds.  So it’s 10 Burpees, 10 Lunges, 10 Imp Walkers, 10 Merkins, 10 Plank Jacks and 10 squats to be done after each round, so you do one set of 10 then run to 1st, etc.

Threw in some Bear Crawls between bases on one round.  We completed all of the BLIMPS then we…. Moseyed back to the basketball court for ….


LBC’s -joined by Ruckers- 40 IC, Boxcutters: 10 IC, American Hammers: A few men shouted “Let Freedom Ring!”  Thank you!

Announcements:”Bo Derek” CSAUP, June 19th at Northwest Guilford High 0600, Special Ruck event after at 0900.  Be on the lookout for a Coffeeteria at Special Blend on a Sat. soon!  Coffeeteria at parking lot next to Clutch Coffee.  No 3rd F at Search today.

COT: Bulldog took us out w a great prayer!

Thanks for your participation and training today.  I got better…hopefully!  Aye!

Stats: Est., started Garmin late: 1.4 miles of movement, 40′ in elev gain, 300 Cals burned, Avg HR 110, Max 140

Temp: 55 degrees F, no rain.