Warm and dry

AO Sad Clown Killer


Slumlord, JR, Weed, ESL, Stick Shift, Zamboni, Pitino, Hoosier, Jiggawatt, Cottontail, Black Swan, Pity the Fool, TPS, Big Boy, Airball, Fannie Mae, Byrider (Q)


Warmorama: Slow Mosey and status quo exercises



Partner Wall work (AMRAP) with building lap, entire PAX waited on six before taking their lap

Wall Exercises; Donkey kicks, BTW, Dirty Hookup, Mike Tysons, BTW with hip taps, Dwight Howards and wall sits instead of 10 counts

Thang 2/Mary

Full lap around park with one stop for Pitino lead Homer and Marge


YHC took us out