AO Cold Hard Fax

PAX: Pitino, Daughtry, Tent City, Byrider (Q), Pierogi (2.0), Primanti (2.0)


Warmorama; Touring Lap to show PAX the route with sungods, chinooks, backpedals and slow mosey mixed in


Thang: BlackBeard challenge Greatest Hits Edition

YHC combined the best of the last 4 years of BlackBeard challenges into a 4 round smorgasbord. The PAX would ruck/walk the laps in between rounds. Everyone stayed together for the duration of the challenge.

Round 1: 50 Big Boys, 25 Merkins, 25 Crunchy frogs

Round 2: 2min plank, 15 burpees, 25 jumping jacks

Round 3: 50 Squats, 25 Dead bugs (dying cockroaches), 20 Burpees

Round 4: 25 mountain climbers (IC), 50 crunches, 15 Burpees


Mary; Pitino led Homer and Marge


……Tclaps to Tent City for his 3rd BlackBeard in the last week, the 2.0s for hanging in and Pitino for the carrying the “Olympic” torch…..

……Frunk coffee was sorely missed…..

YHC took us out