Date: Friday, May 28, 2021

Time: 0531 – 06:20 (Cobains!)

Weather: 65 degrees, slight breeze, mostly clear sky

PAX (27): Haz Mat (War Daddy), Flo Jo, Ricardo, Mahler (War Baby), Cheddar, Simone, Icarus, Lite Bright, Poehler, Houlihan, Hair Net, City Slicker, Newhart, Tommy Boy, Huggies, Graffiti, Explosion, Shallow Hal, Akron, LYnda, Root, Montage, Saban, Earhart, Drysdale, Toto, Wojo (QIC)

YHC was pumped to get back in the saddle for my first bootcamp Q since the early fall. With the shoulder doing much better, but still recovering, the trick was designing a workout that was full body, but not too much of a shoulder slaughter. So why not take a classic and mix in a parking deck to both get the PAX plenty of reps and running! Butt Fumble would be proud! Let’s go!!

At 0531, YHC called the PAX together, provided the F3 Mission and disclaimer, and as there were no FNGs, we started our Mosey. Icarus, I should have recognized you at the beginning for posting from @F3 Midlands – Columbia. Welcome to #Natville!

We moseyed from the Shovel Flag/Children’s Museum Parking Lot to the LeBauer Park field and got started.


  • SSH X 10 (IC)
  • Hillbilly X 10 (IC)
  • Sun Gods X 10 (IC) – both forward & reverse
  • Hug Yourself  X 10 (IC)
  • Windmill X 10 (IC)
  • String Rippers X 10 (IC)
  • Peter Parker X 10 (IC)

PAX were asked to form two lines for a Native American Run from the field, to the Bellemeade Parking Deck, and up the spiral to the top deck. City Slicker gave PAX a quick 1o count and we moseyed to the opposite end of the deck.

THANG – B.L.I.M.P.S Escalator

Starting on the top level of the deck, PAX instructed to complete the prescribed routine, run around that level of deck & then proceed down to the next cone.

  • BLIMPS (5 – Burpees, 10 – Lunge each leg, 15 – Imperial Walkers, 20 – Merkins, 25 – Plank Jacks, 30 – Squats). Run lap on the top level of deck, then proceed down & around to next cone.
  • BLIMP (Remove Squat) – Run lap on that level of deck, then down & around to next cone.
  • BLIM (Remove Plank Jack) – Run lap on that level, then down & around to next cone.
  • BLI (Remove Merkin) – Run lap on that level, then down & around to next cone.
  • BL (Remove Imperial Walker) – Run lap on that level, then down & around to next cone.
  • B (Remove Lunge) – Run lap and then head back up ramp to next cone

The plan was to go all the way back up the escalator but time was running out so Omaha was called. A few Fast Holes got through the BL level.  HOWEVER, PAX still had to run back up to the top of the deck (#crowdpleaser)

At the top of the deck, at about 6:05, we were able to witness a beautiful sunrise in the east and we were able to see a still nearly full moon setting in the west. They were about the same positions in the sky and IMO well worth that run back up to the top of the deck. This was not planned, so it was even more impactful! This is why we get up early and do hard things!

PAX then ran back down the spiral to the street and moseyed back to the Shovel Flag. Someone called a Jailbreak during the last 200 yards and Flo Jo dusted everyone!

  • Reps completed: 280+
  • Miles run: 2.67 (some had more, some less)


  • Body Destroyer (10 count)
  • American Hammer X 1 (IC)


Naked Man Moleskin & Announcements:

  • Welcome to Icarus from F3 Midlands – Columbia. If you are here for the weekend, hope to see you at tomorrow’s convergence. You were fast today, brother!
  • Akron, Graffiti, and Explosion led the PAX during today’s BLIMPS Escalator. Way to push hard today!
  • Kotters to Mahler. Welcome back after your school year at NCSA. Looking forward to seeing you in the gloom throughout the summer!
  • TClaps to Houlihan and Earhart for completing the EC Ruck and to Tommy Boy who completed the workout today with his weight vest!
  • Prayers for Toto and his wife who, after losing a child, later this morning (11 am ish) begin IVF treatment to have another child. Prayers for peace, success, health, and patience!
  • Praise from Akron for the good results of his mother’s recent scan after initial 3 treatments for Stage 4 cancer (2 chemo, 1 radiation) – 3 tumors are completely gone, 1 at half the size. Because of these great results, she now has treatments scheduled out through September!
  • Praise from Shallow Hal for Akron. SH had not posted after a chemical burn in one eye and got off schedule. He reached out to Akron and asked to post with him each day this week, which they have done. If you don’t see someone for a while who usually posts, reach out to them as there is probably a reason. Keep encouraging each other!
  • Freed to Lead Study THIS morning and each Friday in June. 0630 – 0700 in back corner parking lot near Battleground Starbucks.
  • Coffeeteria at Green Bean on Elm street if you are not doing FTL study.
  • Blackbeard Challenge launches tomorrow at 0600 from Country Park (meet at the gate). Convergence at Cornwallis’ Nightmare tomorrow at 0700 (meet on the baseball field). Both with end together with special COT, and coffee & water will be provided on site. Be there!
  • #FreedToBleed Blood Drive is Saturday, June 12, 11 am to 4 pm at Omega Sports. There are 18 spots remaining – please sign up here:
  • It was great to be back in the Q position this morning. #Cobains for us not getting back up the Escalator today and for running a bit long. I’ll be more on time and will have a beatdown we can complete next time. Thank you for coming out and for working hard!