PAX:  Three Card Monte, Robin Hood, Bushwood, Xerox #messinwMatt/ddeasyproductionsinc, a subsiary of JRstudproducts, in affiliation w BucknSpikeHempIntl., Crockett, Cecil, Baby Bop, TJ Hooker, Centerfold, and Jitterbug (Q).

The moon was full as were our hearts as we pushed through this party.

Warm A Rama

SSH’s: 20 IC, Lucky 7’s, Hi Jack/Hi Jill 15 IC, String Rippers: 12 IC, Wind Mills w Pump at top: 12 IC, Lunges: 10 IC -sort of-.


2 Man Grinder: Partner up: One man stays and does exercises at home/flag curb the other walks to other curb at opposite side of parking lot and does one of the following as he walks with weight(s), we he arrives at opposite curb, drop weights>decend into Moat, climb other side>1 Burpee>back to curb>pick up weights>change exercise for walk back>relieve partner>continue exercises till 150 of each is complete (home curb exercises).

Walking excersises were: Curls, Press’, Rows, Flock of Seagulls, Tri-Cep Press, Shrugs (thanks Bop!).

At Curb 150 of each

Dips, Mike Tyson’s -Ouch! bought shut us down-, Calve Raises, Crunchy Frogs, Derkins -changed to Erkins! :)-, Lunges, Squats

Everyone came close to, or finished the Lunges, a few got to squats.

Lots of good chatter.  Some were spotted “running” in the Moat…if one can run 3 steps…maybe.  Fines and other punishment was waived.

Weather was: 70 degrees , humid, it was an 8 on the sweaty scale.

Time: 42.55, Dist: .91 miles, Calories burned 264, Elev Gain: 34′, Q’d avg heart rate was 103, peak 130.

Announcements: Bo Derrick is coming, Slumlord Productions CSAUP event check Shenanigans, 3rd F today Green Joe’s, Qsource Q1: Get Right, Xerox on the Q, Summer/Annual Campout at Grandfather Mtn., July 23-25, Freed to Lead Book discussion starts tomorrow at Super Starbucks parking lot -back left corner- Wojo and Daphne on the Q, Blood Drive at Omega Sports June 12th, Convergence this Sat at 7 at Baseball Field at Jaycee Park, 600 Blackbeard’s Challenge at Jaycee.

Centerfold took us out with his story about having a dream about YHC in his EC/HC shirt!  He said he was tired but pictured me in the shirt and said it inspired him to show.  😀  In spite of soreness he posted and worked hard!  Inspire someone today to get RIGHT!