Starmount Stampede

May 27, 2021

5:30 AM

Temperature: 67 degrees Fahrenheit, Full moon, beatiful morning to run!

PAX:  Scooby Doo (RESPECT), QuickDraw, Everest (RESPECT), Footloose, Hermey, Wilma, Hairnet, Amphibious, Gilligan, Explosion, Valentine, Thor, GoldenCorral, Nancy, WKRP (RESPECT). 15 total.  No FNG’s.

Dislcaimer/Mission Statement

Mosey to warm up legs…..Warmarama:  SSH X25 IC, SunGods X15 IC, 25 Merkins IC, Quad stretch, String Rippers X20 IC, Calf Stretch, Free Form StretchOYO


Pick your pace and turn around at below landmarks.  Next time I will make font larger since some of the PAX did not bring their reading glasses (stinks getting older young guns of F3 Greensboro).  Or turn around at 18 minutes.  Out and back course over mild rolling hills.  It would be cool if everyone finished at the same time depending on their pace.  I felt a little heavy since I ate a bratwurst last night for dinner.

5 min/mile: 7 miles in 35 min:  Dudley Street
5:30 min/mile: 6.36 miles:  Murrow Blvd
6min/mile: 5.83 miles in 35 min: North Church Street
6:30 min/mile: 5.38 miles in 35 min:  Commerce Street
7 min/mile: 5miles in 35 min: North Eugene Street
7:30 min/mile: 4.66 miles in 35 min: North Cedar Street
8 min/mile: 4.375 miles in 35 min: Wilson Street
8:30 min/mile: 4.11 miles in 35 min: North Mendenhall street
9 min/mile: 3.88 miles in 35 min: Tate street
9:30 min/mile: 3.68 miles in 35 min: McIver Street (UNCG auditorium)
10 min/mile: 3.5 miles in 35 min: Past Gray Drive (bottom of hill after crossing bridge/turn where road from Friendly meets Market Street/near driveway at back of UNCG auditorium)
10:30 min/mile: 3.33 miles in 35 min: Past Gray Drive (bottom of hll after crossing bridge/near entrance UNCG/turn at first house on the left)
11 min/mile: 3.18 miles in 35. min: Gray Drive (bottom of hill after crossing bridge/near entrance UNCG)
12 min/mile:  2.92 miles in 35 min:  over the bridge and crossover onramp to Josephine Boyd Street
Great job by all.  We kind of finished at the same time.  At least no one had to wait for 10 minutes or more.  No one made it to Dudley Street, by the way.
If you did not finish at 35 minutes.  3 burpees OYO.
Mary:  25 American Hammers IC
Convergence Saturday Cornwallis Nightmare at 7am. Convergence Monday for Memorial Day.  Blood drive has openings on June 12.
YHC took us out.  Be grateful, Be Humble, Be Nice.  Thanks to our saviour for a beautiful day to run.