PAX: Black Swan, Cotton Tail, Pitino, Foot fairy, Weed, Fannie Mae, Daughtery, Yupper, ESL, Situation, TPS, JR, Bulldog.
Warmarama: mosey to the 2nd parking lot, away from the FiA group.
The THANG: partner up, together the two will tackle together a 21-ladder. As in, starting in one end of parking lot, both will do 1 wojo jump squat, run down the other end, then do 20 swimmers in cadence. The next round would be 2 wojo jump squats and then 19 swimmers, always add to 21.
We noticed lots of trash in the area, beer bottles and caps, cigarette butts, glass pieces. Even had to be careful not to lay on them.
It was about 6:07 when we all finished, a bit of homer/marge. Then we did the right thing by throwing the trash into the can. Well, we actually threw them into the doggie poop can but its still better than not doing anything.
MOM: merkin ring of fire then American Hammer.

The workout felt terrible, the swimmers really attack the lower back muscles which the pax hardly focus on. So when all of a sudden we do 220 swimmer IC they smoked a number of guys, YHC included. Also the hamstring are very tight the next day.

YHC really regretted picking swimmers in the middle of workout. It was very painful, and the form started to get sloppy. But thanks to partner foot fairy we finally finished.

F3 camping trip 3rd week of July, registration coming soon.
YHC shared about how reflecting on adoption, he noticed how men with positive attitudes impacted his life, giving him the courage to take the difficult steps in life. Adoption wasn’t easy and there were many opportunities to give up, but M and YHC stuck to it, believing it can be done and choose hope rather than discouragement.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!