Date: 5/25/2021

Workout: Arise

Location: United Methodist Church

Pax: Ricardo, Thurmanator (Repect), Hazmat (Respect), Crawdad, Xerox (Respect), Hickorous, Stick Shift, Graffiti (Respect), Houlihan, Tesla, Saban, Golden Corral, Nancy, Patch (Q), Pacer (EC)


The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.

I am not a professional.  Modify the exercises as necessary.  Substitution or do less reps is acceptable.  You do you. Let’s Mosey.

This is YHC 2-year anniversary but it’s just another day at F3.


Mosey around to the parking lot in front of the baseball field.

20 – SSH IC

15 – Hillbilly Squats IC

5 – Burpees (nobody was keeping count)

Runners Stretch/Lunge

20 – Toy Soldiers IC

20 – Sun Gods IC

15 – Windmills IC

Mosey into the first floor of the new parking deck.

10 – Finkle Swings

Line up at the bottom of the parking deck in two lines.  When I say go, two people run up the ramp at 50% speed and return.  It’s not a race.  Go! Like 5 people went.  Hmmm. Alright everyone go.

5 – Burpees (2 Pax at a time)

Line up again.  50% pace again.  Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Xerox and Stick Shift went early.  And Go.

5 – Burpees (Xerox and Stick Shift)

Line up again. 75% pace.  Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go.

Line up again. 100% pace.  Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go.

And we’re out.

The Thang

There are 8 exercises we will conduct one rep of each of the exercises and then mosey to a new location.  Then we’ll do 2 of each. Mosey. Do 3 of each. Mosey. Etc.

Turkish Get Up

Wojo Squats

Lt. Dans

Flutter Kicks (IC)


Mike Tysons

Inch Worms

Monkey Humpers (IC)

We did up to 5 reps.  The last set was done back at the shovel flag.  The 4th set was done in an empty parking lot right in front of a GSO police officer.


Stick Shift – WWI Freddy Mercury’s

Nancy – Low Dolly’s

Golden Coral – LBCs

Houlihan – Homer and Marge

Hazmat – Freddy Mercury’s

Patch – American Hammers (14 IC)



Hazmat has Slammin’ Sammies tomorrow.

Patch is leaving for Maine for 4 weeks starting tomorrow.

Blood Drive in June.

Camping Trip July 23-25.  Reach out to Sacked if you’re interested.  Information went out Sunday.  Check your emails.

August 13-14 Ragnar Appalachian, talk to Hoosier or Xerox. 3 trail runs with teams of 8.

Saturday, Blackbeard Challenge Ruck 6:00 – 8:00.  AO Convergence at Cornwallis Nightmare for bootcamp at 7:00.  The workout starts at the baseball field.

10 Year Anniversary in Wilmington NC.  Visit for details.  October 8-10.  Tickets are required, I believe.  Different fitness events and meals planned.

If you’re going to an event in GSO this summer, consider parking in the United Methodist Church parking lot.  The funds raised by this service provide funding for community support and outreach programs.

YHC took us out.  I’m grateful for this group.  Spend some time working on friends and family to get them out.  It takes a while for some guys to get it.  Those are exactly the guys who need it the most; the one’s that aren’t self-motivated.  After the first year, it’s random when guys drop off. Most drop off in the first week to a month.  Backblasts have been key to recognizing who those guys are.  We have that now.  I can get you the list.

Have a great day guys.

  • Patch