Date: 5/25/2021

Workout: Blue Plate Special

Location: Western Guilford Middle School

Pax: Guiding Light (Respect), Michelin Man, Short Bus (Respect), Dapper Dan (Respect), Damage Control (Respect), Odessa (Respect), Gunny, Desk Pop (Respect), Heisenberg (Respect), Minute Man (Respect), Expired (Respect), Plissken, Robin Hood, Ratatouille (Respect), Mr. Hand (Respect), Imelda (Respect), Fletch (Respect), Windmill (Respect), Patch (Q)


The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.

I am not a professional.  Modify the exercises as necessary.  Substitution or do less reps is acceptable.  You do you. Let’s Mosey.


Mosey down to the track in the shaded area.

Plank for the 6

15 – Merkins SC

20 – SSH IC

15 – Hillbilly Squats IC

Runners Stretch/Lunge

20 – Toy Soldiers IC

20 – Sun Gods IC

15 – Windmills IC (Windmill led)

10 – Finkle Swings (Find a spot on the fence)

Line up in lanes 2 and 4.  When I say go, two people run out to the lamp post on the other end of the track at 50% speed. Go (x9)

Line up again going back the other way.  75% pace.  Go (x9)

Line up again. 100% pace.  Go (x9)

Mosey back up to the flag.

The Thang

There are 8 exercises we will conduct one rep of each of the exercises and then mosey to a new location.  Then we’ll do 2 of each. Mosey. Do 3 of each. Mosey. Etc.

Turkish Get Up

Wojo Squats

Lt. Dans

Flutter Kicks (IC)


Mike Tysons

Inch Worms

Monkey Humpers (IC)

We did up to 5 reps.  The last set was done back at the shovel flag.  We circled the school, first area was at the SF. Second was next to the school.  Third, out in the back-parking lot in the shade. Forth, at the picnic tables next to the school on the other side.  Last set was back at the SF.


Patch – Cindy Crawford’s – 10 IC Each Side

Gunny – Cumberland County Viaduct – 10 IC Each Side

Heisenberg – LBCs – 15 IC

Fletch – Dying Coachroach – 12 IC

Patch – American Hammers (20 IC)



Hazmat has Slammin’ Sammies tomorrow.

Patch is leaving for Maine for 4 weeks starting tomorrow.

Blood Drive in June.

Camping Trip July 23-25.  Reach out to Sacked if you’re interested.  Information went out Sunday.  Check your emails.

August 13-14 Ragnar Appalachian, talk to Hoosier or Xerox. 3 trail runs with teams of 8.

Saturday, Blackbeard Challenge Ruck 6:00 – 8:00.  AO Convergence at Cornwallis Nightmare for bootcamp at 7:00.  The workout starts at the baseball field.

10 Year Anniversary in Wilmington NC.  Visit for details.  October 8-10.  Tickets are required, I believe.  Different fitness events and meals planned.

If you’re going to an event in GSO this summer, consider parking in the United Methodist Church parking lot.  The funds raised by this service provide funding for community support and outreach programs.

F3 in Every Town – Gunny F3 Randolph County July 17 is the first launch date.  Will Clown Car down to Creekside Park.  It’s a 6-week launch process.  Bring good FNG names because we’ll likely be naming guys.  Be a part of history and help Give It Away.

Bike Ride. Sunday Village Beverage in Summerfield. Funding for veterans to go to DC. Triad Honor Flight. 5 to 53 miles (options).

Gunny took us out.  Give It Away.  Live to Serve.

Thank you all for your support today.  It took YHC about 6 months to really get involved in F3.  After that, my attendance took off and started taking up opportunities. I’ve met so many awesome guys.  It’s not all sunshine and rainbows.  We have our down times and hurdles.  If you’re feeling that way, be the guy you need for someone else.  You can be. The whole organization wishes you would.

Thank all of the Pax reading this; participating and serving in these events. We don’t grow just to grow.  You’re not just a number.  You’re the force of our IMPACT.

God Bless,

  • Patch