AO: Smith HS

Thursday, May 20, 2021


55deg F


Root, WoJo, Backdraft, Square, Verlander, Tesla, Stretch, Boy Wonder, Toto, Ricardo, FloJo, Confusion,  Nomex-QIC


20 SSH

20 Toy Soldiers

20 Windmills

20 string rippers

10 sun gods

10 chinooks

10 sun gods reverse


Partner 1 does a lap around tennis courts while partner 2 starts the count on the first exercise below. When partner 1 finishes lap, he continues count while 2 does a lap.  Continue until all exercises are done.

125 Squats

125 Mountain climbers (IC)

125 Inch Worms

125 Tbar

125 Hand release merkins


20 Freddy mercury

10 American hammers


Naming Smith AO next Thursday.

Baseball pregame cookout at Arise June 5th organized by F3 Talks.

Convergence Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.