Date: 5/24/21


Pax: Canary, Sacked, TPS, Airball, Jitterbug, Shallow Hal, Scaredy Cat, Aquaman, Bruce Freaking Lee, Fannie, TJ Hooker, Akron, Nomex, Wide Right, Whirly Bird, Red Dragon, Baby Bop, Stick Shift, Xerox, Pitty the Fool, JR.

Notable Unexcused Absences: Steel Dan (Hangover from B-day) Buck, Spike.

Notable Achievements:  No code browns.

EC crew: Xerox, Jitterbug, THE Red Dragon, TPS – perhaps a few others after the EC runners took off.

Not sure why YHC went against the JR no warm-a-rama policy this morning, we could have used 5 extra minutes to complete the THANG:

Partner up – count off into groups of 3.  One man does prescribed exercises while the other runs the parking lot.  Exercises are cumlitave team effort.

Station 1: 150 Man Dips – use parallel bars.  250 Squats

Station 2: 250 Merkins, 100 Burpees

Station 3: 150 Pull-ups, 250 LBC’s

When complete, 1 goes to 2, 2 goes to 3, 3 goes to 1.

Mary:  30 LSF (IC), 15 crunchy frogs (IC) and by special Stick Shift request, 15 SSH’s (IC)>


F3 Camp Hike Trip July 23-25, see Shenanigans for deets.

TRD has Q at Good News on Friday, be prepared for a beating!

Thursday, naming of new AO at Smith High School.  Be there to cats your vote.

COT:  Be kind, loving & compassionate to your fellow man, unless they are trying to harm you, your family, the elderly or disabled, then you have permission to KICK THEIR ASS.  Be mindful of the man next to you, you never know what they are going through or challenges they have been dealt.

Coffeteria and observations:  Sticky doesn’t like Starbucks.  Asked me if I’d forgive the other place up the road on the left.  YHC will take under consideration.  Sacked, on Q Wednesday at NH, claims he’s got a new hill routine, show up to see what’s in store.   SHOCKER.  Just gonna leave that right there…PTF is going to get an F3 box at the grasshoppers, will consider the Panthers too.  Don’t leave you car running and exit the car, TJH will write you up.  TJH, PTF, & Nomex HC for the camp/hike trip.  It’s now in writing, no turning back.  And yes, the Gloomfather will be there too after a failed attempt of jockeying around dates.