18 of #Natville’s best PAX ventured to the Nightmare to enjoy a 5K full body Grinder Bootcamp

PAX:  Bed Bug (QIC), Wojo, JLove, Gilligan, Sacked, Crawl Space, Muggsy, Hazmat, Michelin Man, Xerox, Polo, 8-mile, Bones & Joey, Sir Isaac, Windmill, Schnitzel, Robin Hood, On-Time


Mosey to the church parking lot where the PAX was instructed to circle up

SSH x 25 IC

Sun Gods x 10 each Arm

Lucky 7s

Wojo Squats x 10 (lots of mumble chatter as the QIC mixed in a Bobby Hurley to the Wojo Squats)


The Thang:

Part 1:

Pax was instructed to go to lineup on a speed bump where we did some sprint work.  PAX divided themselves into two groups where they enjoyed multiple down and back rounds of 50% effort, 75% effort 95% effort and finally ended with a down and back of karaoke!

Part 2:

After the sprint work was complete, PAX was instructed to get into two lines for a Native American run thru the far gate down to the first park intersection in front of Shelter 7.   It was there the PAX found out about the three man/three station grinder that awaited them!  PAX divided into groups of 3 (or 4) and the QIC explained there the three stations are location.  PAX is to complete 1 exercise along with the “suggested” number of reps before returning to the intersection where along with their group, completed 3 burpees prior to moving to the next station.  Below is an outline of each station’s workouts.

Omaha was called as the PAX was on their final exercise – mumble chatter commenced that not all PAX were fortunate enough to complete the 25 Burpees!   PAX ran another Native American run on the way back to the Shovel Flag where we made a few stops for some core exercises on the way back!

Station 1: 

Squats x 25

Lunges x 25 (each leg)

Wojo Squats x 25

Burpees x 25 (Crowd Pleaser)

Station 2:

Merkins x 25

Carolina Dry Docks x 25

Dips x 25

Shoulder Taps x 25 (each shoulder)

Station 3:


Mountain Climbers x 25

Low Slow Flutters x 25 (IC)

High Dolly x 25

PAX returned to the Shovel Flag for some American Hammer!

COT: Sacked 


Announcements:  BIG Convergence at Cornwallis Nightmare on Saturday May 29 – regular launch at 7am.  Blackbeard Challenge launches at 6am; see Shenanigans to sign up!    Reach out to fellow PAX that you haven’t seen or heard from in a while.   You never know what people are going thru and what a nice message can do to their wellbeing!

Thank you for letting me lead, it is truly an honor!

Bed Bug