Date: 5/22/2021

Workout: Cougar Town

Location: Kernodle Middle School

Pax: Foot Fairy, Hoosier, Ozone, Bobby Knight, Air Ball, Jigawatt, Si, Snooki (Respect), Kaizen (Respect), TPS, Love Seat, Patch (Co-Q), Hall Pass (Co-Q), Red Dragon (EC)


Hall Pass and YHC started doing “obstacle courses” at Cougar Town.  We’re still exploring options and deciding on what we can pull together. This past week we didn’t do so good on the prep work but what became of it seemed to work out.

A while back, while discussing F3 workouts and coupons, a friend of mine had some trees they clear cut to build his house.  He offered some of them for us to use at the workouts.  Yesterday (Friday), I headed over there to take a look at what he’s got.  There were a few good ones that would work for us.  Some were far to big.  Now for the chainsaw.

Another friend of mine lives just up the road and I knew he had a chainsaw.  When I got there, he said there were also a few logs in the back that I could have if they would work.  The caveat is that they’re about 75 meters down a slight hill through the woods.  Another 75 meters through his yard.

Yata yata yata, YHC got the logs cut up, debarked with a machete, and hauled up to the truck.  The long log was 7ft 7inches, weighing 240 lbs.  The second log was roughly half the size and weighed 120 lbs.

Hall Pass and I met over at the field at 6:00 to get setup.  EC guys were already out on the track rucking.


Hall Pass gave a brief introduction to the workout.  While this isn’t really going to be an obstacle course, we think you’ll have fun with it.

Mosey began, disclaimer and mission statement followed.

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.


Mosey around the front parking lots (+ disclaimer and Mission statement) We were losing Snookie. He was wearing his ruck vest! He caught up though.

Sun Gods


Hug Thy Self

Arm Stretches

Goof Balls

Various Leg Stretches

String Rippers

Side Straddle Hops


The Thang – Fox and the Hound

We mosey’ed to the field.

We had there the two logs mentioned during setup, 6 cinderblocks, and Bodett’s tire with ropes (Bodett not present).  We split up into two teams, Team One and Team Two.  Team One will begin running around the track.  Team Two will pick up the cinderblocks and follow Team One.  When Team One catches Team Two, we switch tasks.  Team One caught Team Two after 600 meters of running (300 meters of carrying weight).  TPS and Airball decided to reverse directions with the weight so Team One ended up carrying only about 100 meters before the next switch.  This probably would have worked just fine for a routine, but it wouldn’t be Fox and the Hound.

Team One met back at the starting position and began the exercises on “Station 1” of The Thang 2.

Since the Thang 2 is similar and YHC is anxious to move on to the log, we killed the fox and the hound. RIP.

The Thang – Four Station Circuit

YHC originally had it planned out that we would do only 2 stations if there were less than 30 Pax.  We’d split into 3 groups and do a team three-man grinder bringing the log and cinderblocks back and forth.

For whatever reason, YHC decided to ditch that plan.  Not smart.

We kept the 2 groups and one team would stay back with the log, and the other would run ahead and do the exercises at the station until the log arrived.  Then we’d switch and the other team would run ahead.  We sort of made it into 3 groups where 2 groups ran ahead and one carried the log.  Every third station you’d pick up the log and do a segment.

It was chaos but a good challenge.

Recommendations for next time:

1) Split into teams of 4-5.

2) Teams should be based on height.

3) Instruct each team to have a spotter (T-claps to whoever started doing that today.  Hoosier maybe?)

4) Scout group works but should probably just have the guys stay put after passing the log and wait for it to come around.  We forget who’s turn it is to take the log. However, with 3 or fewer teams the way we were operating for a 400-meter track was probably optimal.  Everyone got a small handful of times carrying the log.

For YHC, this was fun to try, and great to see guys engaging in the situation.  We evolved throughout.  Guys were trying different things to get better.  Very pleased.

We rounded up all the coupons and brought them up to the parking lot.  Headed back to the SF for Mary.


We did “Circle of Death”, “Circle of Pain”, or “Circle of Love”. IDK.  It’s all good.

The guys were incorporating a clap into most of the exercises which was amusing.  Haha. Saw air clap merkins.  Clap with box cutters.  Clap with LSF.  Got Monkey Humpers from TPS (signature).  Dying Cockroaches. Kazien put us through a brutal slow merkin and 6” routine (“Jigawatt give us a 10 count” ….10………………………………………….9…………………………………………………….8………………you get the picture). Plank Jacks.  Homer and Marge. A bunch of other ones I can’t quite remember, cobains.

American Hammers

Notable Mentions (Moleskin):

  1. HP and YHC both want to shoutout to Love Seat for leading us in Cusak.  Some of us were thinking it, but he put words to our ears. Well done.
  2. Hoosier was walkin’ around at the end with the small log, 120 lbs, on his shoulder.  Beast.



Blood Drive in June.

Camping Trip July 23-25.  Reach out to Sacked if you’re interested.  Information went out Sunday.  Check your emails.

August 13-14 Ragnar Appalachian, talk to Hoosier or Xerox. 3 trail runs with teams of 8.

Saturday, Memorial Day Ruck 6:00 – 8:00.  AO Convergence at Cornwallis Nightmare for bootcamp.

10 Year Anniversary in Wilmington NC.  Visit for details.  October 8-10.  Tickets are required, I believe.  Different fitness events and meals planned.

Grateful to be part of this group.  Thank you, Hall Pass, for the encouragement to do these special Qs; I wouldn’t be able to do this without you, or someone like you in my corner. I know you’re in the corner for a lot of guys.

Let someone know if you need anything. At F3, I know there’s someone that will come running.  If no-one does, let me know what time I need to be there.

  • Patch