• AO: Lunatic Fringe
  • Friday June 25th, 2021
  • 05:30-06:15

Pax (12)

Settlement, JR, Drizzle, Silicon, Jingles, Cecil, Jitterbug, Guiding Light, Hoosier, Red Coat, Aquaman, Matlock, and YHC

QiC 5:30am – Greetings, disclaimer, and the mission statement was covered and we were off:


  • Various dynamic stretching around the track.  Some static neck and hammy stretches at gate.

Thang:  Break into two groups of 6.  Track broken up into 4 quadrants.  An exercise winkie awaited the groups at each quadrant, also a winkie at the center of the soccer field.   Each quadrant had two exercises for round 1.  The pax did the two exercises as a set of 3.  Example:  20 merkins and 20 side straddle hops. Do this 3 times before running to the center of the field to do a leaders choice of three exercises.  Then PAX went to the next quadrant on the track.  There awaited two more exercises that needed to be performed in a set of 3.  Then run back to the center of the field and do another leaders choice exercise.  Then run to the next quadrant.  When the pax got all the way around the track, then it was time for round 2 of different exercises, but still in sets of 3.   Pax did the same as round one. 

 Group 1 started to the far side of the track.  Group 2 started by the gate. 

Omaha was call at 6:10….just in time to do AN American Hammer.


  • F3 Camping Trip
  • August 13-14, Ragnar Appalachia!   Contact Xerox or Hoosier if you are interested.  Relay race teams of 8. Great time to party and run for your team! Food trucks, party atmosphere, and great times!
  • 3rd F at Super Starbucks 

Moleskin:  Jitterbug – I hate you….referring to the Q on three sets of crab cakes 15 IC.   Cecil – I want to go down the list of leaders choice, but I dont want to do 20 hand release burpees…..thats ok….choice made (as jet flies over the pax)  AIR RAID!!

COT – Jitterbug took the PAX out