It’s Just Lunch



79 degrees and breezy. Beautiful day!

PAX: Magician, Fletch (R), Jets (R), Daughtry, Caddy, Dabo, Spurrier, Barney (R), Windmill (R), Percy, Guiding Light -Q (R)

YHC got to Oak Ridge Park around 11:30 to set up for the workout. Dabo, who had been doing a few miles of EC run, joined me sweating and we put out the cones for the course. With just a few minutes before starting time, the guys started trickling in and pretty soon it was high noon.

I welcomed everyone, gave them the usual schpeil, and added that I was disappointed that there was no food. However, we would soon take part in a solid ‘earn your lunch’ workout.


String rippers X 10 IC

Abe Vagodas X 10 IC

Imperial Walkers X 20 IC

Sun gods X 10 each direction

We moseyed out into the park and soon realized that the solitary place where we had positioned the first station with a cone and clipboard, was no occupied by a young lady with her book in a ‘zen garden’ kind of atmosphere. I apologized quickly for disrupting her “chi”, but we soon got on with the business at hand.



Merkins 20

LT. Dans 20

Airpresses 20 IC

After doing all the exercises on the list we moseyed to the next station near a clearing just outside the woods.


Freddy Mercs 20 IC

Wandering BearCrawl :60 Sec

WWI situps 20

Alt. Shoulder taps 20 IC

Merkins 20

At this station, Dabo, who has strategically hid a cooler full of cold waters, invited the PAX to partake. Some did, half went without. YHC reminded the pax of the notable quote by Denzel Washington’s character, the head coach in “Remember the Titans”– “Water makes you WEAK.” After a short pit stop, we moseyed on to the middle of the park, where the ball fields all converge near the restrooms.


Merkins 20

Monkey Humpers 20 IC

WWI situps 20

Mt. Climbers 20 IC

Pickle pushers 20 IC

Bobby Hurleys 20

During this round there was at least one dude asking, “what’s a monkey humper?” YHC has to do multiple demonstrations. For the devotees of It’s Just Lunch, this was not a good look. The hot blacktop made it hard to do those merkins!

After the last set, we still had time to go bad and get an extra side. We moseyed back to the first station, and lo and behold, not only was ‘zen garden’ girl still there, but she had phoned a friend and both were occupying the grassy knoll where we were about to perform our manly feats! We knocked them out (the exercises) and went back to the restrooms area to hit the wall. We did wall sits and went up and down along the line, each guy having to say the name of a US pro sports city without stumbling or repeating (or else the PAX got 5 burpees punishment). We made it through unscathed, although one guy called out “Greensboro!” when it was his turn. 2nd round, we did balls to the wall. Same concept although this time we had to name bird species. A little more difficult, and we had to preform burpees when ‘robin’ was repeated.

With just as few minutes left, we moseyed back to the flag for our last 3 exercises:

60 sec plank hold

Heel touches X 15 IC

Crunchy Frogs X 15 IC

American Hammers 2x around the circle


Dabo said he wanted the PAX to invite more guys out to IJL, and reminded the group that beer and sushi was afterwards at the Lowes Foods 2nd F.

Kotters to Jets!

Spurrier reminded us of the F3 camping trip to Grandfather Mt. At the end of July. Several PAX encouraged others to attend.

YHC took us out with a short prayer about being gratitude and being a man who gets better with each day.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead and the great attitudes. Each paid his dues! Truly blessed!

Aye, GL