Location: Shake and Bake

Date: 05/18/2021.

Time: 0530

Conditions: 56F, calm.

PAX (Count 12):  Jingles, CJ, Norwood, Wojo (Respect), Bellhop, Longtime, Centerfold, Stickshift, Xerox (Respect), Red Dragon, Airball and Foot Fairy (QIC).

At 0530 F3 disclaimer and mission statement delivered. Personal disclaimer than given that this was YHCs first attempt to Q a running workout (after remotely having participated in one in the pre COVID-19 era at GDS). I again confirmed ground rules for the workout with site Q-TRD.

Mosey over to the track.


Goofballs IC- 20

Abe Vigoda – 10

String Rippers – 15

Sun Gods IC- 10 forwards and 10 backwards (a source of collective groans/complaints)

Copper head squats- 15

Assorted Stretches- Quads, runners and hamstring

Lap around the track with butt kickers, high knees and carioca.

Mosey over to the entry road/drive to the ballpark.

Thang 1:

Hill sprints with job back down to the dividing island x8 repetitions.

Recovery mosey to fire station/Horsepen Creek Road and turn back to the track

Thang 2:

100 m sprint with 300 m recovery jog x3 rounds around the track

400 m warm down lap.

Mosey Back to Flag


15 Heel touches

15 Low Dollies

15 Low slow flutters

10 American Hammers

Announcements: Pax encouraged to attend/participate in

Jingles on Q at Deathstar on 5/19.

Blackbeard’s challenge this coming weekend at Country Park

Special recognition beatdown for his selfless dedication as Nantaan for Tommy Boy on Memorial Day weekend after Cornwallis nightmare.

YHC took the PAX out in prayer.


I have never enjoyed running and the thought of a running workout sounded as much fun as pulling out my nails especially after knee injury. When Red Dragon asked me to step up and Q the workout here, I tried various maneuvers to weasel out of it but of course, he uses his ninja skills to EH me. I spent a great deal of the weekend looking through back blasts from AOs stretching from Atlanta to Raleigh for inspiration and finally turned over to my daughter to tell me what their coach makes him to for cross country practice/drills. Out of all this, emerged today’s beat down.

Honored to lead.