May 18, 2021

Oak Ridge Park – Cadet Lab

Pax –

Situation, Weed, Cottontail, Bulldog, Daughtry, JR, Slumlord, Fannie Mae, Black Swan, TPS and Polo


This morning would be a redemption Q for the one I unfortunately postponed a couple of weeks ago due to travel. I knew it was going to be a great day, when I spotted JR headed out of the neighborhood onto Highway 150. Upon exiting the vehicles at ORP, JR assisted me in carrying the newly polished wall balls, chucking them over the fence onto the football field for later use in the Thang.

Classic Murph EC with Bulldog, Slumlord, and Black Swan joining. Solid crew…Buck must have hit the snooze button or been too worn out from Bruce Lee’s T-BAR MERKINS on Monday at Quaker Crater.

Disclaimer admonished the crowd, and I’ll admit I was a little off put by the attendance. Not sure if I should blame pre-blast media group or people fearing another weak-sauce Q performance.

We started out with a mosey, when we spotted Jeep headlights headed our way. Luckily, the FIA team were able to stunt roll out of the way as Weed, grinning ear-to-ear joined us as we headed out of the park.

As we reached the top of the hill, Slumlord requested Monkey Humpers for the cross-fit gym across the street since they had the garage door open. However, we remained steadfast in our journey, albeit mentally adding this to the back half of the workout.

As we were warming up in the lot on the far side of the lake, we were joined by Polo, a classic five (5) minutes late. Unbeknownst to him, he landed in the circle under a cloud of what can only be described as roadkill mixed with day old chili. Not sure who crop-dusted the circle, but it burned like pepper spray making us proud and weep at the same time.

Continuing on with another mosey we arrived at the football field and proceeded to form a plank link (head to toe) and we rolled the wall balls from front to back with the caboose bringing the ball to the front to continue the process down the field. Although I could not hear the entire conversation, it was great to hear Fannie Mae keeping Slummy in line since Stick Shift was in absentia.

After we completed the hundred-twenty yard plank roll, we upped our game to over the head toss. Two lines competing to see who could toss/through their respective teams ball. After five laps back and forth, we moseyed around the park back to the street for deep squats and monkey humpers.

As time was nearing and we headed back to the shovel flag, Black Swan goaded JR into a Jailbreak.

Good times were had by all.

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