May 15, 2021


Pax –

Gigawatt, Red Dragon, Kaizen, Bobby Knight, Magic Dragon, Foot Fairy, Loveseat, AirBall, Longtime, TPS, and Hall Pass (caveat – Hall Pass arrived, planted the flag and bounced. He was wearing a solid pair of chinos so i am sure he was doing something fun with the wife.)



Rules of the game – make sure you lock up your bike, else you will find a PAX member riding it.

For the PAX – typically a crew can be found on Saturday morning around 5:46 AM rucking at CougarTown. All are welcome, but limited spots are available so please book in advance. Knowing I had multiple stations to set up, I planted the bike for the PELOTON near the entrance to the track, and then proceeded to stage the wall balls over by the hill. Upon returning to the front of the school, I see TRD’s vehicle parked so I headed off to the track to meet up with him, when i spot him cruising on the bike. ‘Is this yours’, he spouts…knowing full well it was. We staged the bike, then continued with the ruck, storytelling and joking joined by Foot Fairy and AirBall.

Sometime later, we joined the rest of the PAX in the parking lot and headed off. And then it started, AirBall chirping about my love of ‘Flock of Seagulls’ which prompted him to ask if anyone knew any of their songs. In the very same breath, the voice of an angel lit up the darkness with a couple of bars of ‘I Ran (So Far Away)’ Upon greeting the first challenge so readily AirBall pushed to see if anyone in the PAX knew any other A Flock of Seagulls songs, the answer was photograph, although the full song title for those checking is ‘Wishing (If I had a Photograph of You)’ which is a deep cut for those searching.

Interrupted briefly by an Air raid, we proceeded to the hill behind the school. The game was to toss a wall ball over your head, turn run up the hill stop it and continue tossing until you get to the top. I think the record was three tosses. Meanwhile, the rest of the team did wall sits. Each team hurled both balls (15lb and 20lb).

We then moseyed to the track. I like a PELOTON workout once a year for the PAX. Great cardio, low impact (tried to recruit Wicked who is on the IR), and ironically humorous. For example, Gigawatt rides like he is on vacation on a beach cruiser. I was curious to see what would happen today after 2020’s adventure when several PAX members opted out of riding, but when the seat wipes were provided everyone was onboard.

While each PAX member cruised a ‘hot’ lap, the remaining PAX did a series of exercises AMRAP.

It is interesting how the Airplane traffic is different at the same location weekly. When Wicked was Q a couple of weeks ago we easily had 10+ flyovers. This week…two.

After THANG#1, we returned to the hill for another circuit of ball tosses, and then Indian ran back to the shovel flag. While completing the final exercises of Mary, Gigawatt, trying to redeem himself from the bike ride spotted an airplane for a final Air Raid. Now, for clarification, it was traveling at 30k feet, but at Cougartown…it counts.