Stickshift here, in retrospect it may have been a mistake letting the pax lead the runs at the funk, but whateves we be irie!


15 ssh ic

1 min broga holds

down dog, plank, thunderbolt x2 (6min)


Simone was first leader from the flag ….. 2 min run to VF parking lot …. tabata style 45 sec 15 secs off ….. toe tap merkins

Drysdale was captain number 2 we moseyed 2 mins to Joymongers were we did tabata toe tap merkins , and lt Dan.  the chilled smell of dog piss was enchanting. Drysdale elected Graffiti to lead …..

Graffiti went right for the parking garage and our 2 mins turned into 4 mins to the top ….. with double run we had to do 2 sets of exercise tabata- toe tap merkins, lt Dan, shoulder taps / / toe tap merkins , lt Dan , shoulder taps, mt climbers …. Graffiti gave the mic to Xerox who proceeded with Graffiti’s coaching  to mosey the longest possible way back to the flag ….

30 American hammers

Slumlord took us out

Mumble was chattered all worked hard thanks for letting me lead! SYITG!

Ec mosey from super Starbucks to Uptown funk- Hoosier, Xerox, Patch, Jitterbug, YHC

22 pax- Patch, Hoosier, Amphibious, Montage, Tesla, Saban, Toddo, Hairnet, Xerox, Bobby Knight, Pacer , Bruce Lee, Drysdale, Thurmenator, Ricardo, Simone, Houlahan, Jitterbug, Graffiti, Slumlord, Stickshift