YHC was given the opportunity to Q the MOTHERSHIP, aka Cornwallis Nightmare where it all started for Natville.  Where would we be without a beginning?

There are some Red Woods out there who could give you a first hand account just ask them.

Apparently some guys knew some guys and the story begins. CN was the first place this F3 thing got started, many good men led the way,  I am talking 2013?  2014?

Over 18 show up for a work out on a regular basis, its time to Star Fish and open another site.

Probably over 30 today, too lazy to check.  More than 18 it is harder for the 2F to develop and so wisdom says, splinter at 18.  Smaller groups encourage accountability.

Rainbow Dash started in 2015, a splinter of said CN- kinda a rivalry as any business man says you need for sales.

Anyway, we talk smack about CN at the DASH and they continue to,,,,,

HazMat is the current site Q, he did an excellent rare for him PM workout at the Blue Plate, I took his Q sheets with permission and re-used them for later. It was a good work out so there is that.  Earlier in the week was asked to Q the Nations Premier PM AO Closing Time, was crushed at work and did not have my crayons.  What to do? Grab some Q sheets from the past- went into to the archive and found a B + sheet from Apollo circa 2017 .  Considered a Q sheet from Windmill, but they were to complicated.  Good but complicated.  How to explain a John Travolta?  Apollo recognized his Q font?

7am, 5-15-21

A bunch of PAX show up, many running, so its kinda like a 2-1 AO on Sat am.

Pax: FNG Scott aka Red Card, Snow White, HazMat, Michelin Man, Ozone, Bedbug, Schnitzel, Mugsy, Wojo, Norwod, Sir Issac, Cecil and Expired on the Q.

Mosey: Short run to the Church, for a usual warm-a-rama.

The Thang 1– Merkin/Squat Kick Ladder in the Safety Town lot.  10 Merkins, run 25 yards, 1 Squat Kick, a 4 ct cadence – Squat/ Rt hand, Lt Foot toy soldier kick touch, Squat, Lt hand Rt foot Lt hand touch.

We did in cadence together, fun.

The Thang 2- on Forest Lawn Ave pulled HazMats Tuesday Q- Thanks!

 Divide into 2 groups, do one in cadence together, run to other station 35 yard away. We got in over 2 miles.
Station 1 – 15 each
1) Copperhead Squats
2) Alternating Shoulder taps
3) LBC
4) Hillbillies
5) Heel Touches
6) Freddie Mercuries
7) Elbows to Knees
Station 2 – 15each
1) Low Dollies
2) Wojo Squats
3) Imperial Walkers
4) Hand Release Merkins
5) WWI sit ups
6) Low Slow Flutters
7) Jump Shots
Run back to court yard, Windmill says they need more work, Sterkins and Dips.  Back to the flag for Mary.