Stickshift here , did some smurph things at 5 am with all the EC boys.  I arrived at the flag to meet Zamboni (fng) , it turned 5:30 and as I was about to speak when Zamboni’s phone rang and he answered it …… He was EHing Brando another FNG !!!!! Never seen that before but I was a fan !!

We did 20 ssh ic and then 1 min holds

plank-20sec low plank -20 sec plank -20 sec


hip dips

Plank 20sec low plank 20 sec plank 20sec

down doge ( new name til dogecoin rises past Whirly’s .60 cents )

Thing mosey to shelter

20 dips, 15 ic monkey humpers, 10 dips , 10 ic monkey humpers

mosey up the hill to wall to do 1 min wall sit with arms up then mosey to picnic benches behind school

20 dips , 15ic monkey humpers , 10 dips , 10 monkey humpers ic

we then moseyed around back of school past flag and back to the shelter to it all again….

mary 10ic crunchy frogs , low slow flutter , American hammer

Do hard stuff get with Hoosier and Slummy and they will sign u up


pax – Foot Fairy, Hoosier, Bulldog, Pity da Fool, Slumlord, Brando (FNG), Cottontail, Kaizan, Airball, TPS, Fannie Mae, Whirly Bird,Red Dragon, Steely Dan, ESL, Zamboni (FNG) , Flamingo, Weed, Stickshift