It’s Just Lunch
5/12/21 50 degrees some light rain

PAX – Frogslobber, Kevin-Respect!, Magician,
Aldi-Respect!, Ponch-Respect!, Spurrier, FNG- Stephen (Sundrop), Nails-Respect!, Udders, Fletch-Respect!
Dabo – QIC

It’s Just Lunch normally has the favor of the weather and today did not disappoint. It rained all morning while YHC was looking out the window in preparation for todays workout (not work-in. we were going to be outside no matter what). However about 10 minutes before the start, the rain stopped and the Pax started rolling in. Earlier during the heavier rain, YHC was hopeful for at least 5 pax, so 11 was even better! Spurrier gets kudos for bringing a FNG (Stephen- now named Sundrop) that was a great addition and was solid throughout the workout.

Mission statement and Disclaimer given, We moseyed to the shelter area for warmarama.

– String Rippers IC
– Broga- Downward Dog
– Plank, then plank with right arm up, then left arm up (both arms not up at the same time)
– Mountain Climbers

With Pax nice and warm, and a little taste of shoulder work done, we moseyed to the grove for the next thang. We are fortunate to have such beautiful scenery in this area and can even call it The Grove (although YHC is not an Ole Miss football fan). Nice shade trees and a few picnic tables overlooking a pond.. yay.

– Step ups 10 each leg
– 25 dips
– Step ups 10 each leg
– 15 Decline Merkins
– 10 slow dips

More shoulder work done, we moseyed to the concession stand and wide strip of sidewalk for The Main Thang. Once again our AO is great as we have fields for when its dry out, or the many miles of sidewalk and the extra wide sidewalk for when we dont want to get muddy. Anyone remember the Seinfeld episode with Cramer’s extra wide lanes in the road? yeah.. this is just as nice.

2 stations set up about 30 yards apart. Complete Home workout, run to Away station for next workout. Run back to Home and do next one. List is below. keep up-tempo and heartrate up.

Home Away
20 Merkins 20 Squats
20 Ranger Merkins 20 Bobby Hurleys
25 LBC Single Count 20 180 Jumps
20 Box Cutters (1 box =1) 10 Lunges each leg
20 Diamond Merkins 25 WW2 Situps
20 Wide Merkins 20 Outlaws (1 circle = 1)
15 Burpees

Shoulders feeling it now. All pax doing great, but YHC noticed FNG Stephen was still going strong and had great form throughout. YHC tries to keep quality in mind and not just quantity.

Here we added some wall sits, dirty hookups and 25 American Hammers. Yes I know the AH really goes under Mary, but YHC wanted to get 50 AH total so decided to split it up. Feel free to sign up for a Q spot at IJL if you want it done differently. Seriously though, yeah we would love to have some Q spots signed up for. All are welcome!

YHC noticed our mileage was not at a mile yet, so we moseyed out and back on the sidewalk. Pax complaints were received as we headed right back to the concession stand. YHC feels that if nobody complains at a workout then the Q needs to challenge the group a bit more. …just sayin..

Speaking of complaints, YHC has wanted to add the STEINL into a workout at some point so today was the day. Props to Crawlspace for EH’in me into F3 and also several instances of suffering through the STEINL and maybe even a FrankenSTEINL once..?? That guy is on anuthah level. Even has a Hawaiian Punch guy tattoo on his chest. Need to get him back to Q IJL. Anyway, I digress.

This is how the STEINL goes:
Hold plank for 30 secs, then lower to forearm plank for 30 secs. Then 10 merkins IC. Then peter parker, mountain climber, parker peter with one leg. Should be outside elbow, then chest, then opposite elbow. 10 IC. Then 10 merkins IC.
Return to plank and repeat but with other leg on the Peter Parker/Mtn Climber/Parker Peter thing. Finish with merkins to complete 1 set

Pick up cones and Weinke and mosey back to Shovel Flag
Fletch led us in some Homer/Marge and then we did the remaining 25 American Hammers IC. Great ending.

FNG Stephen was named Sundrop (by Udders) as he is originally from Gastonia.

I am always blown away by the Pax that come out to IJL. No, they aren’t weird or anything, I just mean the great camaraderie and quality of man that shows up. And they are beasts in the workout and they show up in the rain. Today was no exception. Best part of my week. Hoping to see our pax hit 20 and beyond so keep EH’in!

A privilege to lead.
Dabo out!

Oh and Roll Tide Yall