Aye Stickshift here , my original plan for this beatdown was in the parking lot and stations spread much further apart. But since the rain don’t make u stronger we did the exercises under the tunnels in front of school split into 3 groups.

the exercises represent the stages of my life

we did 20SSH ic and went through a practice run of workout all together

1 – 1 burpee( momma burping me ) , then 10 Lbc ( can’t walk yet) , bear crawl ( learn to crawl) to next cone 20yds away.
2 – toy solider to next cone ( learning to walk and gi joe was my favorite toy

3- Bobby Hurley x 10 ( always loved to hoop)

4 -5 hand release merkins ( ride a bike with no hands) butt kickers to next cone ( represent s starting to get a little rowdy)

5 – 5 mike Tyson ( rowdy party ) Moroccan night club to next cone … (night life)

6 – Nolan Ryan 5 each side (I got pretty good at punching ) lt Dan to next cone( when I was 17 I took the Asvab test )

next 2 r closers get coffee

7- monkey humpers 15 sc

8- squat thrusters 10

9- calf raises ( bc I’m trying to grow up)

rest of exercises represent me trying to be better with f3

big boi sit ups 10

10 merkin toe taps

10 godly WW1 10

3 each side 1 arm push ups and 5 Supermans

we did it 3 times


10 crunchy frog ic

10 low slow flutter ic

10 American hammer ic


Flamingo, Centerfold, Good Hands, Scaredy Cat (FNG!), Auqaman, Red Dragon, Love Seat, Jingles, TPS, JR, Airball, Hoosier, Xerox, Pity da Fool, Baby Bop, Foot Fairy, TJ Hooker, Jitterbug, Stickshift

thank you for letting me lead !