After a delay due to scheduling, HazMat returns to the Plate to give the Pax a proper uptempo work out.

Weather was cool, perfect for working out, and as usual, the Plate produces another FNG.

Mumble chatter was at a minimum; there was work to be done.

PAX: David M, aka FNG, aka Dapper Dan, Odessa, Damage Control, Rabitt, Michelin Man, Eggplant, Heh Guy, Short Bus, Guiding Light, Expired, Minute Man, Sheldon and HazMat on the Q.

HazMat likes to run, so running starts with the Mosey:Run around parking lot to side circle parking area

20 SSH ic

15 windmills ic

15 string rippers

15 Hillbillies

15 mountain climbers ic

Run around school to side area 20 Fox Holes. Fox Holes are a WW1 sit up followed by a merkin.

Run to back parking lot – Divide into 2 groups for the Thang:

Station 1 – 20 each  100 yard runs between stations, complete an exercise, run to opposite station.

1) Copperhead Squats

2) Alternating Shoulder taps

3) LBC

4) Hillbillies

5) Heel Touches

6) Freddie Mercuries

7) Elbows to Knees

Station 2 – 20 each

1) Low Dollies

2) Wojo Squats

3) Imperial Walkers

4) Hand Release Merkins

5) WWI sit ups

6) Low Slow Flutters

7) Jump Shots

Pax worked hard, got the all of the work in!

Run back to Shovel


10 box cutters ic

15 American Hammers ic

Thank you HazMat!  Convergence is being planned for Memorial Day, Guiding Light is working on details.

Eggplant has the Q next week.