May 10, 2021

Circle Time

Jesse Wharton Elementary

62 degrees

QIC: Spackler

Pax : Weed (R), Baby Bop, Airball, TPS, Radiator (R), Xerox (R), Sacked (R), Patch, Canary, Daisy, Snookie (R), Whirlie Bird


It was exactly 1096 days ago that I made my first post as an FNG.. it was May 9, 2018 @ Natty’s Hump. Poehler had the Q. I don’t remember a lot about how the morning unfolded. I do recall feeling a little intimidated by the big group that was gathered near an American Flag. But I also remember how welcoming everyone was….

Fast Forward to Circle Time, 3 years since that first post; many Q’s under my belt; a few more LB’s under my belt than I’d prefer but the many, many friendships I’ve made along the way trump everything.


13 pax gathered with me this morning. Intro & disclaimer given. It was pointed out that I started a minute late @ 5:31am.

We proceeded to mosey for a moving WAR. I’d set up 4 stations so wanted to familiarize pax with locations & exercises.


SSH – 15 IC

String Rippers – 15 IC

Plank Jacks – 10 IC

Sun Gods – F, R, uptop – 15 IC


Divided into 3 groups… 4-4-& 5……Start @ 1 of 4 stations. Complete all 4 exercises consecutively. First Round @ each Station is 5 Reps. Subsequent Rounds add 5 Reps.


Station 1 : Mt. Cliumbers, Copperhead Squats, Merkins, Hillbilly

Station 2 : Step ups, Dips, Derkins, Aussie Mt. Climbers

Station 3 : Monkey Humpers, On your knees Overhead Press, Pickle Pushers, Freddy Mercury

Station 4 : WWI Situps : Burpees, Low Dolly, Imperial Walker


Everyone completed 3 rounds @ each station for a total of 480 reps. I wasn’t looking forward to 20 Burpees if we had to do a round 4…. Worked out like I wanted.


Omaha called @ 6:05….Headed to 6MOM



American Hammer – 20 IC


Honor to lead always ….

TPS : took us out