Stickshift here …. 14 total pax witnessed my first running workout q , it was complete with incoherent cadence and not waiting on the 6 every time…. I’ll get better! We almost lost Crawdad as well..

Patch, Red Dragon, Airball, Xerox, Long Time, Everest, Crawdad, CJ, Explosion, Bobby Knight, Demo, Centerfold, Whirly Bird, and YHC


My loving Uncle Xerox spoke to me while doing our 20 SSH ic so it turned into 23.5 SSH

we were off ….

Thing 1

moseyed off reservation took path across the street to Horse pen creek to drawbridge  to bottom of hill

thing 2

8 min of sprints up the hill and slow back down walked towards the track….

thing 3

Indian run around the track for 7 laps

jail break parking lot back to flag 1 American hammer – most did lil under or lil over 4 miles

I took us out, thank you all who attended! I appreciate all of u!!