6 pax joined me (Stickshift) on a wet Monday am … Hoosier, Fannie Mae, Bobby Knight, Byrider,EPA, Cotton Tail


I will always start with SSH 20 ic

ive been switching it up…. yoga holds, this am we did 90 secs on 30 seconds off

down doge( to the moon  boys)



Airball r 45 sec l 45 sec


we then did a Byrider led mosey around the Colfax Elementary campus

the thang was 3 exercises for 2 min each followed by a slow mosey around the inner parking lot

set 1

dips( lil too hard ) , squats, lbc

set 2

toetap merkin, lt dan , mt climber

set 3 30 sec crunchy frog, 1 min heel tap , 30 sec American hammer

Bobby Knight took us out