Date: 5/10/2021


Pax: Udders, Bulldog, Graffiti, Spike, Verlander, Stretch, Montage, Buck, Explosion, LYnda, Ozone, Eggplant, Hooker, JR

EC Pax: Bulldog, Spike, Buck, YHC

WAR: about 48 seconds of lower body stretching

Climate: Perfect with a heaping dose of swamp.

Thang: Run to the bridge.  Instructions given to run the hill towards the library after the prescribed exercise.   Sugar Ray’s were taxed with circling back to the PUT6.  Exercise at the top of the hill and head back to the bridge where we did prescribed exercise PLUS another exercise in incremental numbers of +5.  Run to the top of the other hill back towards the school.  SR’s again taxed to circle back for the 6.  Do exercise at the top of the library hill, PLUS one more, again, in increments of 5.  Lots of running between the valleys, according to Graffiti’s watch that doesn’t stop talking, we got in about 2.3 of hill climbs.  The last set was extra special with a bear craw up 1/2 then flip and craw bear up the 2nd half of the hill.  Merkins/LBC’s/Dips/Derkins/LSF’s/Squats/Star Jumps & Burpees were all part of the fun.

Mary: 15 AH’s IC

NMMS:  Thanks to Bulldog for Coffee this am at NG Bagel.  Good spot, they even told us to come in w/o our masks on. I dig it.  JR approved coffee spot which are hard to come by these days. Had two other randoms (Stick Shift & Bobby Knight) from other AO’s and coffee spots show up with their own “special” brew in hand.  Gas station coffee is crap and has nothing on New Garden Bagel, that’s the new spot!  Saw some dude park close to YHC’s rig, walk in the bagel place, walk out to another car to drop something off, then get into an different car before leaving.   Odd.   Sticky said Bulldog looked GOOD in his tight shirt.  #Mancrush.  That said, Bulldog has gotten jacked.  Bobby Knight was talking about his theft ring concealed by the Church.  He doesn’t have a plane yet, so his minions need to start hitting their quota.

Hills felt like this today: