22 pax including yhc met at Nordic tract , it was my 40th bday

A poorly worded disclaimer and we moseyed to asphalt behind the goal post…..

10 ssh

strecthing / holds – 40 secs on 20 off

down dog , runners r & l , pigeon r&l, airball r &l , plank, low plank, thunderbolt and boat


spilt pax into 5 teams each team would do 1 exercise for 4 mins , run track for 4 mins , inchworm merkins, lt dans, godly WW1 , and shoulder taps , all teams did each 4 min set

wall work

pax count to 40 wall sit and btw …..

1 American hammer

Slumlord took us out TPS brought bagels to Jumping Beanie

I am blessed to call u HIMs friends roll call….

Misfire, Udders, Polo, TPS, Flamingo, Bobby Knight, Whirly Bird, Hoosier, Big Worm, Situation, Weed, Red Dragon, Slumlord, Crawdad, Airball, Baby Bop, Black Swan, Xerox, Foot Fairy, Bell Hop, All Blacks, and Stickshift