Cool running at Closing Time, all got better. YHC had the opportunity to Q the Nations original and premier PM AO. Thank you for the opportunity.

It had been a busy week with business improving and trekking up the Everest of the East with fellow Pax. Work, and other responsibilities kept YHC from having a proper planned beat down.

What to do? Go to the well of knowledge, aka Apollo circa 2017. Always be collecting left behind Q sheets pax, always be collecting.

Pax: Spartan, Gridlock, Guiding Light, Windmill, Schnitzel, Apollo, Eggplant, The King, Sheldon, Stryker, Rabbit, Michelin Man, Patch, Flo, and Expired an the Q.

New disclaimer was read, off for a mosey to the warm-a-rama:

Peer led, thank you, the usual exercises plus squat kicks- a 4 ct cadence, you squat, touch foot kicked up left leg right hand, squat, kick up right leg left hand.

After awhile this crew needed to move, off to a side street for a merkin squat ladder. Thank good ness we have some leaders to help.

On to the Thang:

Making use of Apollo’s old Q sheets (Windmills to complicated) we went to the park, dsplit into 3 groups. Run to 3 workout stations and meet at the top of the hill for Squat Kicks cadenced by the KING- Thank you! Great job.

Mary: running Mary back to the flag, Stryker took us out.

2 F at the volleyball court and Roady’s.

All got better. TY for the opportunity!