Date: 5/5/2021

Workout: It’s Just Lunch

Location: Oak Ridge Town Park

Pax: Aldi (Respect), Barney (Respect), Black Swan, Spurrier, Guiding Light (Respect), Hazmat (Respect), Ponch (Respect), Caddy, Kevin (Respect), Cuffy, Daughtry, Snow White (Respect), Udders, Patch (Q)

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.

I am not a professional. We’ll stick together.  It’ll be hot today, if you haven’t hydrated yet…too late.

YHC had some extra time this morning to prep for this workout.  Gave the Exicon a quick look.  Did some brainstorming.  And this is what became of it.


Mosey to the grove.

Asked any of the Pax whether they knew what Baba O’Reily was in the Exicon.  Nobody knew [perfect].

5 minutes straight of Imperial Walkers.

Mosey over to the soccer/football field. [yes, they’re the same field]

The Thang

First exercise is a Shuttle Run which I will from here forward call a Suicide…because it was.

¼ of the field, back, ½ of the field, back, ¾ of the field, back, full length of the field and back.


That wasn’t too bad.  What I forgot to mention is that this will get progressively worse.  Now we add 5 burpees at the start line.  Each time you run back you do 5 burpees.  Modify as necessary.


Plank for the Six.  Great job guys.

Now we’ll add merkins.  5 merkins at each cone, ¼, ½, ¾, and full.


Plank for the Six. Well done.

Next Suicide, we won’t do any burpees or merkins.  Run uncomfortably fast out to each cone, recover back to the start. Really emphasize the slow return because I’d like to see you get after the sprint out.


Plank for the Six.

We then did a sloth mosey over to the wall.  We did an ok job counting to 60 in BTTW position.  It was tough.  Last exercise of the Thang was 20 Foxholes (thanks again Exicon) OYO.

Mosey to the Flag.


Homer and Marge (Daughtry)

5 – LSF IC (Daughtry)

Homer and Marge (Daughtry)

25 – LBCs IC (Udders)

10 – American Hammers IC (Patch)



Thursday, Smith High School new AO launch, Boy Wonder and Backdraft leading.  At the tennis courts. (Hazmat)

Hazmat has the Q at Starmount Stampede if you’d like to run.

Mother’s Day is on Sunday.  Prepare early. (Spurrier)

QSource in the morning at 6:30, F3 Group (3rd Foundation) (Patch)

Beer Den after the workout today.

Thanks Dabo for asking me to Q.  It changed my work plan for the day but it was nice to be able to prep this morning for the workout. By the end of the day, I got everything done that I needed to.  Thanks Kevin for grabbing the cones after the workout (and offering to help with the setup before).  Ya’ll did great today.  Hopefully this gets you closer to your fitness goals.  It was a lot of Movement.

Let me know if you need anything.

  • Patch