Lunch Lady dropping the Sloppy Joes

Headed to Col’ Hard Facts
Gassed up.
Pressure in tires – checked.
Passport – stamped
Shots – yes

Always a great time to head west and visit the crew in Colfax. Last time YHC was there, it rained on the pax.

PAX – Black Swan, Cleavage, Cottontail, ByRider, Pitino, Fannie Mae, Hoosier, and TPS.


YHC arrived early in the lot to find three (3) Amazon workers fresh off third shift hooping it up in the parking lot.  I immediately thought we might pull in three (3) FNG for the workout.

Now, I will preface the parking of one vehicle was intentionally aimed at the hoop to provide them more light, and this would prove problematic shortly.

ByRider arrived and rolled out for his EC mosey, Hoosier arrived gingerly walking across the parking lot fresh off hiswould splitting weekend. And then Pitino, who made it in time for the sauce.

The sauce was provided by the ‘lunch lady’ who arrived in the lot swinging wildly hitting one curb before rolling down her window to ask who was parked in her spot. I won’t provide the exact quote, but it was some good old home cookin’ which prompted us to prepare the nicknames in case the ‘ballers’ joined us.

Pitino chatted up the ballers who had now moved on to a Gatorade break, but they were not persuaded.

new recruit – Cleavage joined the pax for his first trip to CHF, i hope he returns.

Workout consisted of all the stuff YHC has in his trunk, including two (2) new wall balls which added to the fun.

Great times. Followed by Frunk coffee courtesy of Black Swan.