Date:  Monday 5/3/2021

Workout:  Quaker Crater

Location:  Jefferson Elementary

Pax: Eggplant (Respect), Bulldog, Verlander,  JZ (Respect), Montage, Nails (Respect), Ramesses, Ozone, Crash, Graffiti, Stretch, Dovetail (Q)

Great way to start the week.

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership. Modify as necessary.


Started with some basics:

Mosey to the split in the road for some Warmarama

20 – Side Straddle Hops IC

15 – Chinooks IC

15 – Windmills IC

15  – String Rippers IC

15  – Mountain Climbers IC

Stopped at the Bridge and its rails for 25 Dips, 15 Derkins, and 10 Burpees to continue warm up for the main event.

Next up, Mosey over to the library for the business

The Thang

2 Tabata Rounds in Three stations were set up around the parking lot for 2 minute with 45 seconds in between to move stations.  We counted off 1-3 to find the Pax you would be sweating with for the next 20 minuets of your life.  We also added some old school music to help pass the time.  We started with Grove Me, followed by Marshal Tucker, some Skynard, Cypress Hill and ended with none other than Rapper’s Delight by the Sugarhill Gang for this Old School Rap Session.

Station #1 – 20 c – Diamond Merkins, 15 OYO – Carolina Dry Dock’s, 15 – You pick (LBC’s for one group) RR if needed

Station #2 – 30 c – Wall Sits (Active Rest), 15 c Lt. Dan’s, You pick (Calf raises for one group) RR if needed

Station #3 – Gassers from cone at top of the library hill to cone in the middle back up then back down to bottom of hill and back up.  RR for time.

Round #1 – Meet up at the light cone for Ring of Fire.  Jump squats around the board followed by Al Gore’s till it was your turn again.  Five times around for good measure.

Round #2 – Meet up at the light cone for Ring of Fire.  This time around it was a Merkin followed by a Plank.  We went 5 times around for good measure.

JZ proudly carried the “Boom Box” playing rapper’s delight.  Every one had an extra pep in his step.

Quick Mosey with one more stop at the bridge.  We did 20 more Dips, 15 Merkins and 5 more burpees.

There was little mumble chatter on the Mosey back as we went from Rapper’s Delight to Smooth Criminal then a quick skip to Cool and the Gang to take us into 6MOM


23 – LBC’s (Dovetail)

30 – Heel Touches (Bulldog)

20 – Crunchy Frogs (Verlander)

20 – Box Cutters (Stretch)

20 –  Low Slow Flutters (Dovetail)

10 – WWII Sit-ups (Dovetail)

12 – American Hammers (Dovetail)



Coffee at New Garden.

Bulldog would like to see some VQ’s at the Crater.  Verlander’s eyes said he was thinking about it.

Close Out

Have a good Monday and don’t stop rocking,