Date: 5/3/2021

Workout: Jamestown Beatdown

Location: Life Community Church

Pax: Gold Digger, Drysdale (Respect), Toto, Woo (Mike), Fletch (Respect), Rubble, Patch (Q)

Had a late start. Guys were coming a little sluggish this morning.

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.

I am not a professional. We’ll stick together today.


Mosey to the playground on the other side of the school.

20 – Sun Gods IC

15 – String Rippers IC

20 – Imperial Walkers IC

20 – Smurf Jacks IC

15 – Windmills IC

30 Sec – Plank (Pax Count)

20 – Merkins SC

Mosey over to the soccer fields.

The Thang

When originally thinking of this workout scheme, YHC was thinking the soccer goals would be placed further apart then they were.  YHC was also terrible at throwing discs since it’s been so long, thought maybe that’s far enough.  Anyways, here’s the setup:

2 soccer goals setup about 50 yards away from each other.  We only used one goal though.  There were 5 zones, the first zone was marked 10, 2nd zone 8, …6, 4, 2 and then there was the goal.  There were a line of cones between the center of the two goals indicating the zones and two sides left and right.

There are 3-disc golf discs.  We will throw those discs and whichever zone it lands in; we will do that many of the exercise.  On the left we do Burpees.  On the right we do LBCs.  If it goes beyond the goal, we do either 5 burpees or 10 LBCs (IC).

The first time up, two Pax made it in the goal (no warm up…unreal).  The third disc went far right.  10 LBCs in cadence.  10 seconds of Body Destroyers (5 for each disc in the goal). Ok, Pax this is not going as expected.  We may have to move the throwing line.

Next up I believe it was 9 Burpees. (2, 2, and 5).

Next up 12 or 13 Burpees.  Ok here we go, but guys are still throwing with good range.  Let’s move back a bit.  We moved back and to the right.

The next two rounds we struggled with the range.  The discs really started to hyzer a lot (fade to the left, which means lots of burpees).  It was something like 16 then 18 burpees.  “Enough of that” (Snooki official transition phrase).

We headed up to the wall.

~60 Sec – Peoples Chair/Wall Sit

~60 Sec – BTTW

~45 Sec – Peoples Chair/Wall Sit

30 – Crab Cakes IC (Where ya’ at Gunny!)

Mosey around the church back to the flag. Only took 3 minutes. Thought it’d burn up a little more time than that.


15 – Freddy Mercury’s IC (Drysdale)

15 – Flutter Kicks IC (Gold Digger)

Homer and Marge (Toto)

15 – Crunchy Frogs (Rubble)

12 – Cindy Crawford’s IC Both Sides (Fletch)

15 – LBCs IC (Woo)

15 – American Hammers IC (Patch)



Thursday, Smith High School new AO launch, Boy Wonder and Backdraft leading.  At the tennis courts. (Drysdale)

QSource Thursday, F3 Group (3rd Foundation) still looking for a Q (Patch)

Going to Maine for a couple weeks on Saturday (Patch)

Q’ing It’s Just Lunch on Wednesday (Patch)

Happy to Q this morning.  These HIM were awesome.  No complaints for yet another one of my crazy ideas.  Glad it worked out.  Weather was great.  Will be working on a flag for you guys if nobody gets to it first.

Thanks again,

  • Patch