PAX in Attendance: Flo Jo, Birds Nest, Double Pump, Xerox, Explosion, Bruce Lee, Radiator, Phoenix, and Sacked – QIC

On a beautiful, breezy spring morning 9 PAX including YHC to the DRP and posted GOOD NEWS. With everyone gathered and ready we launched right at 5:30 a.m.


  • Self Hugs
  • Sun Gods x 10ic each direction
  • Imperial Walkers x 15ic
  • Hillbillies x 15ic
  • String Rippers x 10ic
  • Lucky 7’s

Mosey over to the Church Parking lot where we lined up facing the far end of the parking lot (approx 100 yards to the other side).


This mornings beatdown was a Build up of Reps style. We ran to the other side of the parking lot and did the first exercise, ran back to the start point and did the 1st then added the 2nd exercise, and built up from there. Exercise 1 was completed 9 times, Exercise 2 was completed 8 times, Exercise 3 – 7 times, and so on down the line. Here are the exercise, reps, and PAX member who counted.

  • WW1  X 10 single count        (Sacked)
  • Merkins x 15 single counts   (Double Pump)
  • Monkey Humpers x 20 ic     (Xerox)
  • LSF x 13ic                                (Birds Nest)
  • CDry Docks x 15 single count (Phoenix)
  • Lunges x 36 single count      (Explosion)
  • Dying Cockroach x 20ic        (Radiator)
  • Shoulder Taps x 23ic             (Flo Jo)
  • Squats x 50 single count       (Bruce Lee)

We called an Omaha after the Dying Cockroaches were added and moseyed back over the the school parking lot where we resumed with Flo Jo on Shoulder Taps. We finished up with one last cycle of all the exercises just because we all wanted it….maybe…

With time closing in on us we circled up for Mary


  • American Hammer x 15ic


  1. Phoenix covered – CHS (Community Housing Solutions) – we need more guys to step up (need 20 at least) and help out tomorrow with this years first CHS Project. Please consider giving a few hours tomorrow. Signup genius is on twitter. The address is 615 South Elm Street, High Point.
  2. Radiator covered – Prayers and good thoughts sent out for our 6 PAX headed down to the Grow Ruck event in SC today. TB, STP, Square, Akron, City Slicker, and Don’t Ya Know.
  3. Flo Jo covered – Marriage Enrichment Event at Grace Community Church. Its a 2 day event that will be on May 21 (7-9 pm) and May 22 (9 – 12noon). Flo Jo and his M will be part of the leadership for this event. Yo udo not hav eto be a member of the Church. Sign up on the Grace Community Church Website or follow Flo Jo on twitter (F3Flojo1) for info.
  4. 6th Annual F3 Natville Camp/Hike trip dates are set for July 16-18. More info to come.


  • When I arrived early to get the AO set up the shovel flag was already planted and blowing beautifully in the wind. Did not know whose loan car that was in the parking lot until I saw a headlamp coming out of the gloom in a full run. Low and behold it was Radiator who got there early, planted the flag, and did an EC Run. HIM stuff getting done. TClaps Radiator and thanks for being the shovel flag.
  • Appreciate the support from all the guys who posted this morning. Was a great group.
  • Awesome seeing and working out with Explosion this morning. Like old times.
  • Birds Nest and Xerox took the lead on the Mumble Chatter this morning and it was worth the price of admission. Well done fellas and welcomed.
  • Appreciate all the guys who actually counted the reps 🙂 No names being called out.
  • TClaps Flo Jo, Explosion, and Bruce Lee leading the springs back and forth each time. TClaps
  • Great working out with Double Pump this morning. Led the Merkins count each time with perfection
  • Good work today Phoenix. You got the toughest exercise to count and perform again and again. Well done.
  • TClaps Radiator for the double dip this morning. Leading from the front.
  • Great AO – probably best lighting of any AO plus plenty of space to venture out.

COT: Birds Nest took us out as only he can. Thank you BN.

As always was an honor! Sacked