What a great morning to Q the HUMP.  We had 26 plus myself to start the day.   Once Disclaimer was given 4 splinter runners and 3 ruckers went in separate directions.    The Pax Consisted of; SACKED, Sticky, Snooki “enough of That”, Wojo, Sugar Britches, Sugarcake, Lynda, Settlement, Drizzle, Patch, socrates, bones, birds nest, Gilligan, Scooby, Hazmat, Bobby Knight, Bruce Lee, Stretch and Silicone joined YHC on the beatdown. While Long time, Schnitzel, Jlove and Mall Cop ran and Tommy boy, Gecko,  and Phoenix  Rucked.  The boot camp went down the parking lot for a quick warm up.  Nothing spectacular happened, just the usual:


String Rippers



Chicken wing Forward and Backward-Always a crowd favorite!  Placed a bet on how many times SNOOKI would say enough of that- Bruce lee made a very astute observation and said there are ten exercises so he will say it ten times.

We then Moysed to the other side of Parking lot where the Thang went DOWN.


Had placed Ten Stakes down the length of the Parking lot with the following written on:


Stake 1= 100 Squats followed by 5 burpess  -Run to opposite side of Parking Lot and back to

Stake 2= 90 LBCs followed by 5 burpees- run

Stake 3=80 Mountain CLimbers both legs =1 followed by 5 burpess-run

Stake 4=70 Lunges both legs =1 Crowd Favorite  -unfortunatley for the money SNooki only said enough of that 2 out of the first 4 exercises-5 burpees

Stake 5=60 Freddy Mercuries-didnt hear it but Snooki finished this one fast so i think he had “enough of that”-5 burpees

Stake 6=50 LSF another “enough of that”-5 burpees

Stake 7=40 Peter Parkers -5 Burpees -“enough of That”

Stake 8=30 Crunchy Frogs- 5 Burpees

Stake 9=20 merkins followed by 5 burpees

Stake 10=10 Superman -followed by 5 burpees-  Snooki just said not doing that I am doing merkins


Fast wholes went back to pick up the six…..we all met at  Stake 8 where as a group we were to do 30 Crunchy frogs-aksed Snooki to lead-he decided to do them in Cadence-I think we had a few Pax say “enough of that”


We moysed to shovel flag where all rejoined for Mary

Heel Touches

Elbow to Knee

Finished with American Hammers


COT-I took us out!