Aye Stickshift here,

This Saturday is the Jabberwalkie…… so Untouchable(fng), Airball, Centerfold, Whirly Bird, Sacked, Patch, TPS, Matlock, Sugar Britches , Red Dragon, Xerox, Foot Fairy , Jitterbug, Socrates, Canary, Baby Bop, Pity da Fool, Bobby Knight, Aquaman, and See-Thru met at Circle Time , some did EC run .
To start we did 8 minutes of stretching, pyramid, runner, pigeon, down dog, plank, baby…..

Thang was we partner up one runs the circle other partner does 10 pull ups( or 10 sec hang)

20 merkins (or 20 sec plank) 30 squats (or 30 sec Al Gore) when complete runs to circle to relieve runner ….. Duration 25 minutes


we did Tabata spilt 25 sec Boat

25 Sec heel touch

5 sets

duration 4 mins 10 seconds

We had a FNG today welcome Untouchable, It was per usual q for me no counting and lotta chatter , hope everyone got better !