Time: 0630  Date: 4/24/21

Temp: 45 degrees F

PAX: Hallpass, Centerfold, Bodett, Ponch, Jiggawatt, Kaizan, Canary, Jitterbug (Q)

By the grace of God we avoided a rainy morning at Kernodle Middle School.  I had a nice drive over to Old Oak Ridge Rd…headed to SOAB or Nordic Tract I guess, got to Lowes Food and was like….oh dang it!  DOH!!  U-turn!

Made it in time.  4 mins!  With all the CSAUP events I was kind of glad to have good company!  Aye!


Alt Lunges: 10 ea leg + Windmill w a pump at top: 20, Lucky 7’s, Hi-Jack, Hi-Jill: 15, String Rippers: 15, Up Back and Overs: 12ish

Mosey to track (crazy lawnmower man was cutting grass at 20+ mph!)

Thang 1:

100 meter Indian Run>then> Merkins: 20 + Press press Flings: 12

100 meter Indian Run w 1 Burpee by back man> then pass the pax + Alt Crunches -to your left knee, to your right knee, to both knees- 12 + Cobra Stretches: 5

100 meter Indian Run + Tricep -Ranger- merkins + Hi Jack Hi Jills: 12

100 meter Indian Run w Burpee at back then pass + Knee push ups (Heels to heaven) 15 + Superman flutter kicks: 12

Thang 2:

Walk to Benches at 50 yd line of soccer field:  2 Man Grinder: Partner Up

At these Benches the 2 man team will do combined 100 step ups (ea leg) + 150 Derkins + 200 Dips + 250 Erkins (didn’t get to these)

One man starts the exercises while the other man runs across the soccer field to the track at the other (opposite) benches and does 3 burpees, then returns and relieve his partner, who then runs to the other side of the field and does 3 burpees…

RECOVER!  Walked for 50 yds or so then Canary took off with a spontaneous mosey around the school.  Good work!  Then back to the flag.


Body Destroyers: 10 IC!  + LBC’s 15 IC + Flutter Kicks IC + “LET FREEDOM RING1” American Hammers: 10 IC

Announcements: Bodett: Helping a family move that’s had significant health issues, needs help tomorrow at 9 AM.

COT: I took us out.  Good work men!  Aye!

STATS:  2.8 miles, 436 Calories, Time 57 mins, Elev gain 69 ft,