F3 Quaker Crater, Monday, April 12, 2021

PAX: Ozone, Crash (Kotters!), Polo, Udders, Bruce Lee, Stretch, Nail, Sir Charles, Bulldog, Eggplant (QIC)

Seasoned group of regulars who know exactly what time they need to leave the house to make it to Quaker Crater-most did not start to roll into the parking lot until 5:28am.  At 5:30am, YHC delivered the mission statement and disclaimer, and then we took off on a short mosey to:


Side Straddle Hops 20IC

Abe Vigoda 15IC

String Rippers 15IC

Sun Gods 15IC

Chinook 15IC

Sun Gods-reverse 15IC

Cobra Squats 10IC

The PAX warmed, we moseyed down the crater.  At the bottom, we did a Plankfrog run to Hobbs Road, and then continued our mosey off the reservation to the Highwoods office building (Sad Clown Tower) parking lot for:


The PAX were split into 4 groups, with each group starting at a different pain station.  Each group was to perform the station exercise until relieved, with station 4 being assigned to sprint back to station 1 and relieve them.  Three rounds were completed, Omaha was called, and we began the mosey back to the shovel flag for:


Low slow flutters 20IC

Freddie Mercuries (Foghat style) 10IC

American Hammer 20 IC


Udders took us out.

2nd F

Seven PAX enjoyed coffee and outstanding bagels over at New Garden Bagels (SUPPORT LOCAL).  Meaningful conversation and fellowship.